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Why Us

If you are wondering why to choose us as your door gift supplier before making any decision…

Here is the answer, let us help you on finding the best quality yet reasonable price wedding door gift or wedding favours to your beloved guests…

Three Reason You Want to Pick Us

Quality Assurance

Our wedding favours price might not be the lowest, because we are not selling you a product, but also the service to assure the quality of the product you purchase. We promise to inspect every piece of the customer’s order, If the product is broken, we will change it for a new one. We will make sure every piece is in good condition, so that you will not need to worry to have broken pieces in the mist of your order and be the happiest bride and groom on your wedding…

Always the New Stocks

You might think why don’t we have stock available? Yes, we do have stocks in a minimal quantity for viewing,¬† we don’t want to accumulate the stocks and the stocks colors will fade as time goes by. We don’t want to give you the lowest price, and secretly give you the old, fade color items. We always order the newest pieces for our customer. Therefore, we use pre-order method.

As every wedding will need time to prepare and so do us to prepare your wedding gift to your beloved guests. Give us 6-8 weeks time, we will definitely give the best of us to you.

For rush order, you may give us a call, as long as we can make it, we will also try our best to help you. Of course, it is always a good practice if you order 2 to 3 months before your wedding to ensure you get the door gift you want.

We Care Our Customer Wedding as Our Own Wedding

We are not a company that just sell products to customers, we treat every customer as our friends. We care each one of our customer, your wedding means a lot to us.

We hope our customer can feel our sincerity for giving the best service. If a customer are looking for the lowest price, discounts and discounts… we are surely not the one. But if a customer are looking for products with quality assurance and good personal service, we are surely the one you are looking for.

Best Regards,
Renown Gift

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