Who We Are?

We are the wedding favours, door gift company that located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

WHY Renown Gift ..

After being in this field for many years since 2009, we had gathered a lot of experiences in catering the wedding door gift to our customers. From the very beginning, we always believe we are not a company that just aimed for selling products, we treat every customer as our friend, it’s just like the friend’s wedding, we treasure the moments, we must do it properly for them..

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It’s all in the details

Despite the best service we tried to offer, we also care of the details of the gifts we do..as we know, every seller might use the same photo, the gifts provided might look the same from the photo, but it is not, when u turn to see the details, you will spot the differences. Therefore, we know that the details is a matter that we can’t miss..

What you see is what you get

We promise what u see in our photo, is what u get, even though in bulks.. Let the products speak themselves when u receive them. All the photos you browse through our online store is original taken by ourself, we try to take every angle of the products so that you can see it in details of the original products.

Best Price

We Offer the best Door gift price in the market compared to others since that our craft decoration is base on our own creativity and are done by our own staff. We can say that the price we offered is affordable yet modest , the more you buy the lesser price you will get per item.

We appreciate ..

We appreciate that all the while, we’ve been dealing with a lot of cute and friendly customers, who trusted us in all way, on preparing their most important gifts to their guests in their big day.

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