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Personalized Chopstick Set

You can personalized the chopstick set
by engraving your name and wedding date to the chopstick,

the chopstick wood can be sandalwood, iron wood and mahogany.



The holding of V-shape chopsticks is a unique giveaway that will get your customers excited for a very small per – incentive cost and provide your client a substantially higher ROI for their marketing budgets.

Crafted chopsticks are known as the most Chinese characteristics of traditional gifts. Chopsticks can be used as gifts to give away to guests in different events.

Fortune Meanings of Chopsticks

They represent different meanings for different occasion and people that you are giving the chopsticks to them. Among these meanings, do you know any of them? Let see the following meanings for giving away to different people:

1. As a wedding gift to give to a newlywed couple to wish them for getting a baby soon.
2. A gift to a friend indicates equality and fraternity.
3. A gift to business partners indicates the interdependence of collaborative relationships.
4. A gift to lover indicates a true love that will never separated.
5. A souvenir to give to foreigner to preach the Chinese culture and history; Also, to build up an international friendship with them.
6. Honor the elderly for eternal happiness and longevity.
7. Gifts to teachers to express appreciation and respect to teachers.
8. Gifts to children to wish them happy and healthy growing up.
9. House warming gifts for people who move to their new home for fortune wishes.

Chopsticks in China have long been carried the meaning of longevity celebration. It is a very ancient and traditional festival customs for giving chopsticks as gifts. There is a Chinese adage said: “the double wood is mean forest in Chinese word, which means the couple will accompany each other forever.” In today, chopsticks have been a symbol of equality, fraternity, and coupling.

In addition, chopsticks are come in pair which make it very suitable to be a wedding gift that indicate all the couple will not going to separate each other and they need to work together to make it in good functionality. By receiving a pair of chopsticks, all couples will love each other till the end of the world.

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