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Fab Gift Idea: Coffee and Tea Sets

There’s nothing like a nice hot cup of coffee to start a bright morning. For the avid tea drinkers, tea and cakes make a nice afternoon chat with a friend more enjoyable. It’s no surprise that tea and coffee are the most widely consumed drinks in the world. From east to west, aromatic beans and herbs greatly influence people’s drinking habits. This phenomenon transcends cultural boundaries. In turn, having neat coffee and tea sets to match this norm is important to many coffee and tea drinkers.

coffee set
coffee set

When you think about it, giving coffee and tea sets as gifts for weddings, birthdays, and during the holidays is a brilliant idea. Whether you’re looking at coffee and tea sets for formal or casual occasions, you’re sure to find a nice one that will be appreciated by your family and loved ones.

Always Chic: The Sterling Silver Tea Set

Back in the day, a sterling silver tea set is considered the finest in the household that it’s only used in formal parties.  The expensive tea set more often consists of a teapot, teacup and saucer, sugar bowl, and a creamer bowl that’s apt for ceremonial tea parties. Today, tea sets still signify elegance. They can even be chic display pieces on dining tables when not in use. A sterling silver tea set is a great gift idea for weddings and anniversaries.

Personalized Says a Lot

Apart from traditional coffee and tea sets, manufacturers have come up with creative ways to redesign your usual coffee or tea cup. In recent times, thick coffee mugs with personalized designs have become popular gift ideas for self-confessed caffeine addicts. You can even get a set of four mugs complete with saucers which you can stack neatly for convenient storage.

Classy but Cheap

Apart from the tea sets, if you’re looking for a standard coffee gift basket, the usual price range falls just between twenty-five and fifty dollars. During the holidays, coffee gift sets can actually be a lot cheaper when purchases in a local store than at a coffee shop.

Fragile Finds

Also, it’s important you select high quality porcelain and purchase from a trusted shop. You want to make sure that your tea or coffee cups don’t break easily when your family and friends start using them. Remember that your recipients would probably use those coffee cups daily, so you should purchase high quality cups.

Another important tip to keep in mind: you don’t want to damage your gift before your friend receives it, so do be careful in handling and packaging your gift. Coffee and tea sets, as you can see, are quite fragile. So it’s best to handle them with care. And as a disclaimer, tell your friends not to shake your gift when they try to guess what you got them.

Admit it, drinking coffee or tea whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go is more fun when you have them served in nice cups. Family and friends will appreciate a good set of coffee and tea sets especially when they’re personalized. And, wouldn’t it be nice if your family, friend, or loved one would always remember you when they drink their favorite coffee or tea? Because when you give, it’s really the thought that counts.

Author Bio: The following is a guest post written by George, a part time design consultant for JAFGifts wedding centerpieces and party favors. At times, his biggest quandary in life is choosing between coffee or tea.

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