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A To-Do List for Every Bride Before the Big ‘I Do’

Your wedding day is perhaps the most eagerly awaited day of your life. Especially with women, who begin idealizing about their “prince charming” and “fairytale” wedding from a young age, the wedding day, when it finally arrives, has got to be perfect. However, all the planning and preparation that goes into making your dream wedding special can be very stressful and hectic. At times like these, not having a wedding checklist would mean an open invitation to trouble. You will be amazed to see how having a wedding checklist can ease out stress, confusion and unnecessary chaos. Moreover, it will make things all the more systematic and exciting for you. Here’s to list a few main things that need to top your wedding checklist:

Wedding Dress and Ring

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Selecting the perfect wedding gown can be a bit of a challenging task. Selecting a wedding gown that suits the bride’s body shape is very essential.  It has to make the bride stand out from the crowd, making her look beautiful, elegant and stunning. It would be a good idea to start looking at various dresses and designs well ahead in advance so as to get some ideas and inspiration about your dream wedding gown. The same also applies for the wedding ring – you would want to make sure you go for a metal and design that you are comfortable with.

Guest List

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Preparing a guest list is another mission which needs to be accomplished at the earliest stage of planning. The guest list would basically depend on your overall wedding budget and how simple or grand you want the occasion to be. Some might want the wedding to be a simple and quiet affair with just close friends and family involved, while some might associate their wedding to a grand and extravagant event attended by a large number of people. So decide how you want yours to be and start penning your guest list.

Wedding Venue

Once again, selecting the wedding venue would largely depend on your total budget, number of people attending and your personal choices. After considering all these factors, there are a number of exciting venues you can pick from for your big day – from beaches, to vineyards, to churches, social clubs, gardens, foreign destinations, hotels and pubs to your very own cozy backyard! Once you have the venue sorted, you can then get cracking on the theme and other details.

Wedding Photographer

Investing some of your greenbacks into hiring a wedding photographer might well turn out to be a sensible decision. A wedding photographer is normally a professional who has the passion, skill and expertise to capture your special day in the perfect manner and give you lasting visual memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. You can pre-plan and discuss expected shots and poses, color schemes, backgrounds and other preferences/requirements in advance with the wedding photographer in order to ensure you get all the shots you want.

Undoubtedly, having a wedding checklist can prove to be tremendously handy. This was just to mention a few crucial things you need to look at during the planning stage but as you delve deeper, there are more aspects that are bound to come up. However, as long as you’ve got everything noted down on your wedding checklist, you have nothing to worry about.

Shelly Cristo is a professional photographer who specializes in wedding photography in Brisbane and nearby areas. She enjoys goes sailing with her family on weekends. She is also quite fond of blogging.

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