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4 Great Substitutes For Roses On Valentine’s Day!

You can probably tell that Valentine’s Day is around the corner when you visit the grocery store and find aisles of boxed chocolates and pink or red stuffed animals carrying corny love messages. As February 14 draws near, florists around the world work frantically to ensure that the season’s favorite flowers are available for purchase in plenty on that day. Roses are by far the preferred choice of Valentine’s Day flowers. However, you may switch it up by getting your beloved any one of these great flowers:


Originally known as the flowers of God, carnations are a natural choice for Valentine’s Day. They bloom into large beautiful flowers that add color to any room. Sending a delivery of carnations to your sweetheart’s workplace is sure to make them the envy of their colleagues.  Just as with many other flowers, the colors of a carnation flower symbolize different things. For Valentine’s Day, it is wise to stick to those of a dark red or white variety. You may also mix the two for a more visually dramatic effect.



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Otherwise known as Narcissus like the Greek mythological character who loved his reflection so much that he drowned while fixated on his beautiful appearance, daffodils are bright and beautiful flowers.  These flowers are great for you especially if the relationship is in the early stages. The red color in flowers often symbolizes passion or deep love and perhaps it is just too soon in your relationship to convey such emotions. If that is the case, get a bunch of daffodils for your loved one to let them know that you cherish their friendship.


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These elegant flowers may also transform your Valentine’s Day. They come in a myriad of colors but the best options for Valentine’s Day include the red variety whose flower colors are so vibrant against the light green stem that they may even outshine roses as the perfect Valentine’s Day flower. You may also settle for pink tulips which also depict great love or friendship.



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Lilies have large flowers that will definitely make a statement this Valentine’s Day. In addition to their vivid colors, they smell wonderful. You may stick to the traditional pink or red lilies or you may switch it up by adding a dash of color to your flower arrangement by mixing in other colors such as white and yellow as their symbolisms of purity and happiness may also tie in with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Remember, whatever flowers you send or receive this Valentine’s Day, you must be sure to take special care of your bouquet so that you may enjoy it for a longer period of time. If your flower arrangement did not come in a vase, be sure to put them in water. You may also research online for different ways to keep flowers fresher for longer.  Finally, once the flowers have outlived their utility, throw them away. You do not want a bunch of dead flowers as the centerpiece in your home or office!

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