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personalised coaster

Round Photo Coaster with Personalised Sticker

personalised coaster

Order Round Coaster with Personalised Sticker

This coaster is contained in a PVC box together with a butterfly knot. It is further embellish with a personalized thank you tag with make it look very elegant.

Material that being use to make this personalised coaster is the temper glass which is a very firm material that can make the coaster not easy to get broken and can be used for longer time.

Many people love to buy this coaster become its outlook is really beautiful and delicate. At the bottom of the coaster is some kind of small transparent adhesive material that support the glass so that it not easy getting slip on the table.

There are 2 pieces of coasters per set

Lenght: 9cm x Width: 9cm x Height: 0.4cm

If you are interested in this item, you may refer to below link for prices of different quantities as well as to get further information on how to order:

FAQs About Marketing With Coasters

Consider these FAQs about marketing with coasters for an innovative approach in reaching potential customers. Coasters are an inexpensive, popular item used in many bars and restaurants, as well as special events and functions. They are a generator for more responses than the typical “junk mail” or printed ad since they are an unexpected message delivery source.

Q: What is the cost of coaster marketing?
A: Depending on the quantity you need and the thickness or colors you require, each coaster runs somewhere between 4 and 27 cents. Paper coasters or cardboard coasters are your cheapest options. If you know you need a large quantity and take advantage of bulk pricing, you will save even more money.

Q: How long does a coaster typically last?
A: A coaster’s life depends on several factors, including thickness, moisture on the drink being served and whether it is used inside or outside. Most coasters last two to five uses.

Q: How many coasters can I send to a vendor?
A: Quantities vary by vendor and are first come, first serve. Do not provide a vendor with more coasters than they are able to use. Check with marketing reps for detailed information on available vendors for your desired areas or quantities.

Q: Will vendors also use competitors’ coasters?
A: This depends on the user agreement that the vendor has with different companies. Talk with a vendor to find out what type of contract they already have in place with other businesses. Some do not accept marketing coasters from competitors.

Q: How quickly can I get my coasters?
A: After you give the marketing company the final proof approval, it usually takes two to three weeks to get your coasters.

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