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Table Dress – Next Important Thing To Wedding Dress

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Naturally, at your wedding, the guests will be focusing their attention on you and your dress! But when they aren’t looking at how gorgeous you are, they will be noticing how gorgeous everything else is, and the most important thing is how the tables and your wedding tent is dressed for the occasion. Take some time to consider how you want the tables to look – here are some pointers:

Layout is Key

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A really important thing to consider is how you want the tables laid out. Count up how many people are coming, and divide that number by the amount of tables you want. How many people will be at each table? Consider the top table – you, your new spouse, both your parents and the bridesmaids and best man normally sit at the top table. Count up how many people will be on the top table and plan where it will be in relation to the rest of the room (everybody will want to be able to see you).

Table Dressing

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Of course, flowers provide a gorgeous focal point to every table, so decide which ones you want and how you want them to be displayed. Don’t have them so tall that they obscure people’s view from one another (you will also risk the vases toppling over should they be knocked). You’ll need to dress the tables beautifully so put time into choosing lovely tablecloths, napkins and party favours to put out. Your table and chair hire company may be able to provide at least some of this. Your caterers will be able to provide good quality silverware, crockery and glasses so don’t worry about this. They should also set the tables for you. The chairs will probably need to be covered with special wedding chair covers – otherwise they can look a little inelegant.

A Theme for the Tables

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Every table will need a name (unless you have no imagination and just use a numbering system!). Think about what is special to you and your partner – for example perhaps each table could be named after a country you have both visited together? Or perhaps you’re into film stars and each table could be named after one? Think about what your joint passions are and you’ll soon be inspired.

The Table Plan

Sure to cause controversy no matter how diplomatic you are, the table plan needs careful time and thought. When it’s ready; think of a really lovely way to display it at the front of the wedding tent. It’s these little personal touches that will make your wedding a one-off, so don’t miss any opportunity to stamp your personality onto it.

Finally, dress the marquee beautifully, reflecting the decor of the tables and chairs. You will look back at your wedding photos and be really glad you put the extra effort in. It’s a special occasion, and so the venue should look special too! Use glittery things here and there for a bit of extra sparkle. The wedding tent decor should be the only thing that draws people’s attention away from you so make it magic!

Today’s featured writer, Nick Jay, is a wedding photographer. Through his blogs, he shares his views about designs and decor that make for a beautiful wedding picture. He suggests Rhino Shelter’s wedding tents as it adds to the beauty and splendor of the occasion.

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