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The Meaning Behind Each Diamond Cut

There are so many beautiful diamonds to choose from for everything from necklaces to bracelets, as well as earrings and rings, but did you know that each type of cut is actually meaningful?

You may have thought that diamonds were cut into different shapes in order to cater to different women’s styles and preferences or to simply provide enough variety for the market of consumers to choose from. While it is true that all of the different diamond cuts are great for adding variety to your jewelry collection, if you are interested in knowing more about the specific meanings behind the cuts, continue reading.


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Round is the most common diamond shape available. A lot of women prefer this shape above all of the others because it is simple, elegant, and traditional. This cut is also known as the brilliant cut because it actually reflects more light than any other cut, making these diamonds appear especially beautiful. If you are a classic romantic, you will love this style.


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Similar to the round cut, an oval diamond is longer than a round diamond. Women who are creative individuals and who aren’t afraid to do things differently, yet who still prefer a fairly traditional look, will adore this cut above all the rest. It is a great way to take the traditional round cut to a whole new level.


Known as the princess cut, a square diamond is much less commonplace than round diamonds. This cut, too, provides plenty of shine and brilliance. It is geared towards women who love to show off their unique sense of style and who are not afraid to be in the spotlight.


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The emerald cut is another stylish option that’s essentially a square with cut corners, giving it an octagonal shape. Because it typically has fewer facets than other cuts, however, it may not shine as brilliantly, so women who choose this distinctive shape will typically go with a larger carat size.


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A marquise cut truly stands out on its own. It does not appear similar to any other cut, and exhibits the traditional diamond shape as you would draw it out on paper. If you’re opting for a smaller carat, this cut can make it appear even bigger than it actually is. With a round or oval center and elongated and pointed ends, this cut is perfect for unique women who love adventure and showing off their status in society.


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A pear shaped diamond is like a combination of an oval and a marquise, with one pointed end that makes it look like a teardrop, making it perfect for sensitive and kind-hearted women. This shape is also ideal for making a woman’s finger look slimmer, and it combines the traditional feel of a round or oval diamond with a twist that will make the stone stand out from the rest.

With so many different diamond cuts to choose from, every woman can get the one that makes her feel truly beautiful. When shopping for the perfect cut for a special woman in your life, consider her style and personality.

Today’s guest author, Sara Brown, works for Buy Diamond Direct, which offers G.I.A certified diamonds. She enjoys writing about her experiences and ideas and also likes to blog about various fashion trends. Click here for more information about her and her company.

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