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Crown Box

Crown Box


Box size : 5.5cm x 5.5cm (base) x 9cm (height to ‘neck’ area) and additional 6cm until crown
Ribbon can change colour
MOQ 50pcs


This Crown Paperbox inspired by the design as it looks like a crown on top of it. It is suitable for both bride or groom side

You can fill this cute paperbox with many things such as sweets, nuts, small chocolates, Dodol (Traditional Malaysian Dainty) or any small tidbits.

This is Do-It-Yourself product. It mean you need to fold it by yourself. No worry, it only takes less than a minute per box.

Get yours now for your memorable events.

Kindly call or whatsapp us to purchase or to know more details on the product.
03-4131 9731 / 011-6228 9727 (Nina)




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