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diamond ring coaster

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diamond ring coaster
diamond ring coaster

Unique Uses for Coasters

There are many unique uses for coasters other than protecting furniture from drinks, spills and scratches. The next time you are out for a drink with friends, grab a couple of cardboard beer coasters to take home with you. Try out the following creative uses for these fabulous freebies.

In the refrigerator

Use cardboard coasters to keep the bottom of your refrigerator shelves fresh and clean. Slide them under bottles of soy sauce and other condiments to stop dribbles from landing on shelves and dripping into drawers. They also serve the same purpose when used under honey or vinegar in the cupboard or pantry.

Around the house

Consider coasters as a safe Frisbee for your children or pets. They are easy to throw and actually go quite far. The impact of cardboard is far less severe than hard plastic on the face or arms! Stick coasters under the legs of coffee tables to level them, or add coasters to the fireplace as an excellent fire starter. You can also use coasters as a bookmark or a notepad when you run out of paper – or even as drawing paper for kids in the car.

Everyone knows the classic use of the beverage coaster – to protect and serve – but there are so many more ways to use these handy cardboard items. Take a few home and try out the creative ideas given in this article.

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