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capture my heart coaster

Personalized Photo Coaster (2 pieces per set)

Capture My Heart Photo Coaster

capture my heart coaster
capture my heart coaster

Personalized Pink Photo Coaster

pink photo glass coaster
pink photo glass coaster

These are personalized photo coaster where you can insert your tag or photo into the coaster.

Coaster Sets

Table coaster sets will truly inspire conversation among your friends and families as the glass photo coasters demand attention on your coffee table. You are going to observe them when you have that effect first hand!

The reaction that people usually get is one of awe… follow by the sense of intrigue, delving into the image, message, and finally curiosity about just how they were created a wedding gift that sure to inspire all your inviting guests.

Coaster sets are packaged in a retro chic and fun style gift ready. So, if you don’t feel like gift wrapping you won’t have to—easy gift giving for sure!

Coaster with its vintage fashion flair, is perfect for celebrating Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas too. And, you will get all the credit for discovering such a unique gift idea!

IF you are having a special event, wedding, birthday or anniversary party and want a vintage retro inspired coaster for that special day. Then you can choose the various glass coaster designs from here which will be the perfect solution and a great way for you to celebrate.

Thus, if you still looking for an unique party take home door gift, it is great for you to take into consideration of this coaster for adding that special touch to the day.

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