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various gift bags

Gift Bag Favor with Various Design

various gift bags
various gift bags

Various Design Door Gift Bag with cover and ribbon!

Hot and latest item as door gift for wedding..

Nice, elegant and reusable…

Various designs and colours to match your wedding themes…

All designs come with 2 size, Large & Small

Small Size

Width 12.5cm x Length 6cm x Height 16.5cm

Promotion Price: RM1.10 per piece

Mimimum order: 100 pcs

Large Size

Width 17.5cm x Length 8cm x Height 26.5cm

100-199 RM1.70
200-299 RM1.60
300-399 RM1.50
400-999 RM1.40
1000 > RM1.30

minimum order: 100 pcs

Please check with us before you order to see if the stock is enough for you ^ ^

Check out more photos of Gift Bag with Cover at our facebook!

Recycling Paper Bags

What you’re about to read addresses the question we hear every time we go to any grocery store these days: “Paper or plastic?” What do you answer and why?

Of course, you have to cut down a tree to make a paper bag; whereas we use petroleum products to produce plastic bags. Clearly, there’s a problem with consuming either of these natural resources. There’s a well-known slogan: “reduce, re-use, recycle.”

I’d like to weigh the pros and cons between this paper bag versus plastic bag choice. I had an unnerving experience yesterday at the natural foods store when the grocery bagger smoothly inquired, “Kill a tree or choke a fish?” Whoa, that stopped me in my tracks. I suddenly saw the paper bag or plastic bag question quite starkly.

Reducing, Re-Using, Recycling

I’m going to look at reducing, re-using, and recycling one at a time. There’s a good reason reducing comes first. Lots of things are already contained in their own containers or bags. Why use a separate bag for something that really doesn’t need it? Whenever I buy one little thing at a store, I never let them put it in a paper or plastic bag, even though they always do it. I say, “I’ll just put it in my purse.”

Of course, it’s a different story when you’re buying lots of groceries at a time and need to get them home. Bags are helpful. And plastic bags are great for juicy items like cooked chicken or fresh fish that might leak on the car seat. There’s one big store that just doesn’t deal with paper bags at all, or plastic bags either for that matter. They put all your items in the same cardboard boxes they just unpacked them from. This certainly reduces the waste, and I find it quite handy for getting things home.

I have seven of those canvas bags with the canvas handles. I keep them in the car. Boy, do I love them. They’re so strong, they can tote anything. Did you ever have a bag break on you? Paper bags don’t usually break unless something wet leaks inside them. They’re pretty sturdy. I’ve had plastic bags break or stretch. Not fun.

How About Re-using?
Paper bags and plastic bags can both be re-used. I have a paper bag full of paper bags and a plastic bag full of plastic bags in the pantry. Whenever I need a bag, I’ve got plenty. I always end up with more paper bags and plastic bags than I can use, but having the canvas bags helps this problem.

I keep a stash of both paper bags and plastic bags in the car inside my canvas bags. That way, it’s easy to take them into the store with me; I just grab the one outer canvas bag, and voila! I’ve got them to re-use whenever I need them.

I also use my paper bags for a million things around the house. I cover the kids’ textbooks with them. They’re especially great for labeling cardboard boxes that I store things in. I also put recycling items in them because they’re so strong.


And as for recycling, paper bags are easy. If your city takes mixed paper (not all cities do), you can put your paper bags in that bin. Not so with plastic bags, which usually have to go in the trash, which goes in the landfill. Well, that’s a big difference in my recycling goals.

But you can always take your used paper bags and plastic bags to your local thrift stores such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, or other used knick-knack and clothing stores. They use your bags for merchandise sales and it sure saves them money! Plus, it’s great for the environment.

So I guess I’m going with paper bag for the most part, unless I’m carrying something wet. Paper bags win. What do you think?

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