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Metalic Colour Mint Tin (3 Designs)

Red Gloss Mint Tin
MT20 : Red Gloss Mint Tin

Purple Gloss Mint Tin

MT21 : Purple Gloss Mint Tin

Gold Gloss Wedding Mint Tin
MT22 : Gold Gloss Wedding Mint Tin

We also have Various Design Mint Tin Favor

Various Design Mint Tin




I Love Mint Tin

The caption says it all. Honestly where would we have been without mint tin? I would have lost more of my treats and candies than I did if I did not have access to any size container I wanted, well only when Mom was looking the other way of course. I enjoyed, as a child, never being scorned for dropping my mint tin once or twice and to this day it is a joy to watch my grandchildren go through the same stressless life, well that is when it comes to dropables as they all have mint tin to use.

Having nearly, if not, every size container a person would wish for that is long lasting, durable, easily cleaned and sealable make these tin containers beat the container competition available hands down every time. Along with the pleasant color arrangements in all the accessories the uses are neverending. I have from chocolates to snacks stored in these containers at one time or another and am sure I am not the only one.

Unbelieveable as it is there are great areas of the world that have never seen mint tin never mind having the uses from same. Hopefully this site will reach those millions and place a timeless product in their reach. The information here covers most of what one might ask about min tin.

What Is The Big Deal About Mint Tin?

Even though it might be said, ” What is the big deal it is just aluminum;” Which is quite true but when you think that mint tin even though it is mass produced it is only available in few places, unless you buy it at the supply places of course. Realizing this it is quite an unusual product that has stood the test of time in this age of products here today gone tomorrow. I have been privy to many a wedding in the past and look forward to more in the future and have hardly been to one that the lucky couple were not both surprised and happy to receive mint tin as a gift from loving friends. These people had already seen the benifits of having such a useful container for their edible items in their house and wished to share it with the new couple.

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