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Malaysia Wedding

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Malaysia weddings can be very bright events, most wedding are filled with ritual and celebration and can be continue for a few days. Normally there will be around 100 to 10,000 people will be invited to attend the wedding in Malaysia. The funny part is, it’s of high possibility in which many of the attendees are not being known by the bride and groom themselves.

Malaysia wedding for Malay

Malaysia Wedding For Malay Community

For Malaysia wedding, the Malay community will very likely to adheres to their customs because it is believed to have an effect in their lives. For the Malay community, they are very emphasizing on marriage customs. A marriage ceremony in the stage will be conducted with celebration and full custom. Here are the brief stages for Malaysia wedding in Malay community.

Inquire (Merisik)

This custom is also called a review or checking. The purpose of this custom to be done is to ensure that female who been eyeing by the guy is still available.

Propose (Meminang)

If the female is still available, the family of the guy will set a day to send a delegation to propose. Managing a proposal will be made by the immediate family of the guy. This custom made to reflect their true purpose officially.

Malaysia wedding for Indian

Engaged (Bertunang)

After discussion, the engagement ceremony will be held. The guy will be represented by a member of his immediate family and relatives for engagement ceremony. On that day the wedding ceremony will be held in conjunction with the engagement in the home of the bride. The delivery consists of betel or betel Junjung as major wedding gifts, a ring, other delivery bouquet of flowers, fruits, cakes, clothing, etc. that have been bought to be given to the bride.

Marriage Contract (Akad Nikah)

Marriage contract is a most important event in the Malay wedding for Muslim in Malaysia wedding. It’s not a custom but rather to religious teachings and is the highlight of the validity of a marriage. The ceremony is performed after all the agreements applicable to the guy have been implemented, such as money expenses, dowry and other items as may be agreed upon by both parties. Marriage contract can be done in the mosque, in the judge’s office or in the bride’s house and carried out by the tok kadi or priests. In the marriage ceremony, the bride’s father should be the guardian to marry his daughter. However, he also can pass the duty to tok kadi or priests.

The custom of dyeing ceremony (Adat Berinai)

Dyeing ceremony usually held in several stages.

Dyeing stolen – held three nights before the wedding day for closest relatives only.

Small dyeing – held two nights before the wedding day for relatives, neighbours and friends.

Large dyeing – held for one night before the wedding day or after the Akad Nikah ceremony for special guests of the groom and the bride.

After the large dyeing, the groom will not be staying at the home of the bride, but will continue to return home or staying at “rumah penanggak”, which is a house near the home of the bride.

Wedding Party

Malaysia wedding for Chinese

Source: wikipedia

Before the marriage ceremony performed, various preparations will be carried out including erecting canopy, guest tent, complete the bridal dais and the room and prepare flower eggs (bunga telur).

For Malaysia wedding, the wedding favours that are commonly gives away to invited guests are flower eggs which are colourful paints and decorating nicely. They are not actually meant to be eaten-unless you want to. Rather they are used to symbolize fertility between the couple.

Pre-wedding Photos in Malaysia

Now, more and more wannabe couple will choose to go for pre-wedding photos and this has become a trend for the Malaysia wedding. Most wedding photographers are releasing attractive pre-wedding photos shooting package to lure in more couples to take photos before their marriage and this seems to be of high demand.

Malaysia Wedding Favours

Most people are looking for wedding gifts that are on their feet, cute favours with inventive ideas. If the wedding gift is for the Chinese guests, most Chinese couple will buy the chopsticks chopsticks are come into pair as this mean pairing for every couple that can indicate a good omen for the newlyweds.

As for modern wedding, there are a lot of accessories and services need to prepare. Among them are flowers, wedding gowns, hair & makeup, hotels & resorts invitations, videography, wedding planning, cakes, cars, catering and many more. Thus, it is common for the couple to busy throughout the year before their wedding.

For Malaysia wedding in big city like Kuala Lumpur, the expenses will be quite high price as for Chinese, a dinner table can cost you from RM300 to RM1,200 depends on what types of dishes you are ordering. Therefore, if you are planning to get marry soon, you need to plan properly to make sure that you are not over spending for your wedding.

Malaysia Wedding For Chinese

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