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bride and groom pepper shaker

Reasons to Choose Salt and Pepper Shaker as Wedding Favor

bride and groom pepper shaker
bride and groom pepper shaker

1. It is unique and most of the people are never received this kind of wedding gift from their friends and relatives wedding throughout their life.

2. The wedding favor is very special and it can be give away to the couple’s special guests who were willing to come from far away location to join their wedding ceremony and dinner.

3. It can acts as a token of appreciation. Don’t get me wrong as most of the special guest that invited by you will be your best friends and close relatives. This unique wedding gift can be a symbol to demonstrate that the bride is actually loves cooking :). First impression should tackle them down because you are not only married to your husband but also you need to mix with his whole family.

4. It is very useful. Each house has its salt in the kitchen for the need of cooking. Thus I believe they will use this salt and pepper shaker in the kitchen and not simply put this wedding gift idle without using it.

5. If you guests do not use this salt and pepper shaker in the kitchen, at least they can place somewhere in their house as decoration.

6. It looks very cute. Most of the people will admit that this wedding gift is very cute and if they are not, then it must be something wrong with their eyes, :). Sure they are not going to throw this cute salt and pepper shaker into the trash.

7. Your invited guests will remember the wedding gift that you present to them for very long time because the shape of the gift is well symbolizes the look of the bride & groom.

8. Even though the size of this salt and pepper shaker look small and not made of gold or diamond, but it seems unique for many couples because of the exclusive rhinestone design that come with this item.

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