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8 Uses for Shredded Paper

We shred paper to protect ourselves, our families and businesses from identity theft or corporate espionage. Shredding paper is also one way of protecting confidential medical and financial information. So, it’s only natural for individuals and most of all businesses to accumulate tons of paper for shredding. Generally, shredded paper is sent to a recycling plant. But when opting for this, it’s important to ask the facility about whether it’s alright to include bits of plastic and other debris with shredded paper. Here are other fun things that you can do with paper shreds.


Use shredded paper as confetti. This is so easy to make with a cross-cut shredder, and you can use your money for other more important stuff instead of spending it on confetti. Paper shreds can also be used to fill costumes and even throw pillows.

Packaging Material

Instead of buying bubble wrap or other packaging material to protect fragile items during transit, use shredded paper. It’s an effective and very cheap alternative.

Lining for Pet Bedding or Bird Cages

Your pets will feel quite comfortable on a bed of soft shredded paper. If you have smaller animals, like gerbils, birds, guinea pigs or hamsters, shreds can also be used to line animal cages.

Stuffing for Gifts

If you have a lot of colorful shredded paper, you can use this to spruce up a gift box. Fill empty space with colorful shreds before placing your gift inside its box or bag. The paper will not only add a nice touch, but it will also help in keeping the gift in place.

Kindling for Fire

Paper shreds catch fire easily so you can use these to start a fire. But be very cautious when using paper as kindling. Small pieces are very lightweight and these can readily float away, carrying fire to another area.

shredded paper
shredded paper


Mulch is often used as covering that protects plants from extreme external conditions. Organic matters, such as peat and leaves, are cut into small pieces and are spread on top of the soil. Shredded paper can also be used as mulch. Before mulching, be aware of the correct way to do this. Remember that when mulch is too thick, it will not allow enough sunlight and air into the soil, which can lead to fungus formation or rotting on the lower stem or roots of a plant.


Shredded paper is organic matter and it will degrade in time, especially when it’s buried beneath the soil. Not only that, but there are actually various kinds of animals that like to eat paper or other paper-like materials. Such animals, like the red worms, eat paper and the process also transforms paper into fertilizer.

Decoration/Arts and Crafts

Shredded paper can also be used to create decorative items. For example, shreds can be glued onto paper. You can choose to slightly overlap the pieces to create texture or maybe craft a nice mosaic. Paper shreds that have been glued together can be transformed into personalized cards or these can be used to decorate books, scrapbooks or diaries. If you have empty vases or bottles at home, you can also fill these with shreds for a more fun look.

Paper shredding is a service provided by most document management and destruction companies, such as Vanguard in Chicago. The writer, Claire Trent,  encourages people to maximize the use of shredded paper to help in environmental protection.

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