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Big Red Box

Big Rectangular Candy Boxes

Here are some candy boxes of rectangular design and are make of cupboard. All of them come unfold. It is rather easy for you to fold them and insert any content that you wish to put in the box.

Size of the box: L 10.5cm x W 8cm x H 4.6cm

Big Rectangular Candy Boxes in Red Color

The box presented before folding

The box display is after folding and is decorate with chocolate color satin ribbon as well as a custom made sticker that stick on the top of the box cover.

Two of the sample eggs are inserted into the box. The box is big enough to cater 2 eggs if you are intended to put eggs in.

You can insert 6 pieces of Ferraro Rocher chocolates into the box if you want to give away an edible gift to your guests.

Big Rectangular Candy Boxes in Purple Color

The box also available in purple color.

Video Tutorial on Folding the Box

If you are not sure about how to fold the box, you may refer to the video tutorial.

Wedding Party Favors to Remember

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Favors From the Heart

Customized wedding favors is a great way to express couples’ personal style. Exquisite keychains, tin pails and decorated gift boxes are all “heart” crafted to give that special personal touch. Whether you are bring your cultural root into the wedding or expressing your personal style, favors like decorated Chinese chopsticks and manicure sets are unique ways to celebrate your wedding day.

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