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Making Your Wedding Day Truly Special

There are some pretty amazing weddings out there. You’ve probably seen the lavish displays of one celebrity or another on the cover of every magazine at the grocery store. Reality television presents weddings in a way that makes many people feel theirs couldn’t possibly be good enough. The truth is, we may not all be able to afford the wedding of our dreams, but a wedding is all about love and there are simple ways to go about getting exactly what you want, without damaging your financial future.

Tip: When planning for your big day, don’t forget to make the day something special for you and your partner. Too many couples put most of their focus on making others happy but it’s your day so remember to do something for yourself, as well.

Choosing a Theme Right for You

The theme of your wedding sets the tone for the entire day and many brides and grooms to be have been thinking about what theirs would be like since they were children. A young man may have always pictured a gamer wedding with all the guests dressed up as their favorite Mario characters. On the other hand, a young lady may have pictured a fairy tale, princess wedding; making coming to a middle ground quite difficult. Make sure you have plenty of time to decide what kinds of memories you want to create because the photos and videos will be passed down through generations.

Creating an Amazing Menu

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Creating the right menu for a wedding takes a lot of planning. You not only want to have food and refreshments that you and your future spouse will love but also fun treats for your guests and children that may be present. Ask if the venue you have chosen has a caterer and contact your favorite restaurants to see if they offer catering services. If you choose, you can even have your guests make some of your favorite dishes or share some of your own. The food doesn’t necessarily have to match your theme, but doing so adds a little something special.

Decide whether you want food to be placed on large tables so your guests can come and go as they wish or if food is going to be brought to your guests at their individual tables. It is always a good idea to taste test everything beforehand. Selecting which foods to feature can be tough. If you need to, make a handful of selections and get votes from your guests so you will have the things everyone enjoys most.

Not wanting to be too traditional? Instead of getting a wedding cake, why not have wedding cupcakes? They are much easier to eat and guests can quickly pick and choose their favorites. Kids are going to fall in love with the variety.

Keep Your Guests Entertained and Mingling

Weddings can be pretty draining. There are a range of emotions everyone is going through and not to mention, having so many unique people in one location. This is why wedding activities and games are great; they help keep everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves. A little ice breaker game that we enjoy is called “He Said/She Said”. In this game, guests are asked to decide whether the bride or the groom made a statement about the other. An example would be, “The first thing that attracted me to him/her was his/her smile.” This will typically get people talking and laughing.

The music you choose to play at the wedding reception isn’t just about the theme anymore; it’s about your entire guest list. Selecting a wide range of different types of music is a great idea because this is going to get people out of their shells and on the dance floor. If your venue comes with a pool, this can make for an amazing after party where everyone can mingle and let loose; you may even want to hire a DJ or other forms of entertainment for the reception such as a harp player, face painters or cartoonists that can help make the night truly special.

Most Importantly: Plan Ahead

As we mentioned briefly, planning is everything. The longer you wait to get everything organized, the more stressful the big day is going to be. Do yourself a favor and make sure things such as the caterers, the guest list, the invitations, the venue, tux and dress are all set and ready in plenty of time. When it comes to weddings, always expect delays so that if one does occur, it doesn’t seem like the whole world is crashing down on you and you are stuck making decisions at the last minute.

Patricia Lopez is a wedding planner by profession. She is of the opinion that since the wedding cake is the most integral part of any wedding, couples should always order them from certified bakeries only. Patricia also has several wedding blogs to her name.

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