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Take Your Favorite Photos And Turn Them Into A Work Of Art

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Do you still remember what cameras looked like before digital ones started taking over the world? The ones where you had to load the film yourself and them take it to the shop to be developed after only a few snaps of the camera. If you do remember you’ll know how inconvenient it was, only at the time we didn’t even know it because it was just normal for us. It’s different these days and when we’re armed with a digital camera we can all become a professional. If our photo wasn’t good enough we can delete it from the memory and start again.

What do you do once you’ve taken all your photos? If you’re like most people you will have them saved on your hard drive and they are ready to be looked at whenever you want to see them. You keep them forever because with digital photos it’s easy to do that, but what if you want something a bit different? There’s actually cool things you can do with your favorite photos by using a photo printing website and we can have a look at them now. If you didn’t even know these options existed you might have some fun trying them out.

Photo canvases

You can have wonderful photo canvases printed that would be perfect anywhere around the home. If you have a newborn child then once you have some amazing photos taken you could use those. Then you could put them up around the nursery to make it look better than ever. Don’t worry if you don’t have a baby because there’s plenty of more ways to use them. You could put up photos of your older children, or even your pets if you have any.

Cards for special occasions

When you’re sending someone a Christmas card it’s nice when it’s a little more personal than the cheap ones you get in the shop. Sending everyone a card with a photo of your whole family on it has became very popular. It’s the same for birthdays, Easter, or even Valentine’s Day. If you already have a photo in digital form that you think would be perfect for the occasion then you can order it up and have it ready for the big day.

Surprise your children

There’s lots of cool little things you can do with nice photos that your kids would love. You could order a teddy bear and it would come with a t-shirt which had your photo on it. If they love playing with puzzles you can let them take a photo of something and it can be turned into a custom puzzle. You can buy little mugs, or even magnets for the fridge. There’s lots of gifts you could give them that they would love.

Are you getting married soon?

When you’re getting married it’s your day to feel special and having things customized with your own personal photos is one way to do it. This could start with the invitations you send out to people because they’re a lot nicer than plain ones. The main thing you’re looking for are photos of the big day which you’ll have a photographer take, but if you get a copy of the files you can then have them all added into a big wedding book that you’ll be able to keep forever.

Little reminders

There’s always going to be people out there who you want to be reminded of. It could be your children, parents, or even your best friends. It’s not who you want to be reminded of, but how you can keep them in your heart. A good place to start is a nice calendar with twelve amazing photos you wouldn’t mind looking at for a year. You could even get a key ring made. If you have a look I’m sure you’ll find a way to use some of your photos for something special.

Todd Jones works for a mat board selling company specializing in customized picture frame mat of various sizes and colours. He is also quite fond of blogging and blogs about random topics in his past time.

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