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wedding aisle

4 Wedding Processional Options for Your Walk down the Aisle

Your wedding day is the most important day in your life, one which will be remembered throughout the course of your relationship. And this pious ceremony needs to be stuffed and peppered with as many big and small joyous memories as possible. But to make this wedding cake of memories utmost special, you need options to keep it unique. Hence, here are four of them.

wedding aisle
wedding aisle


We needn’t be introduced to the legends that the Beatles are. Regarded as the best Pop, Rock & Roll, and Rock band in history, they have quite a many hits that sound and are chosen by couples for their processionals. One is “Here comes the Sun”, a song whose tune and melody gives you a feel of warmth and new life. Another is “When I’m Sixty Four” which is a cute song sung by a lover to his love in form of vows of “will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I’m Sixty Four” while imagining “grandchildren on your knee, Vera, Chuck and Dave”. It will be touching for both the bride and the bridesmaid and also all aged and young couples may feel the warmth. Or you could go with the widely used “All You Need is Love”.

Two Aisles

You can make use of two aisles for your processional. Using two aisles will solve a problem which is usually unspoken but well felt. Most guests will feel rather far from the processional core due to the use of a single aisle. By using two aisles, you can let your guests have a better look. Or you can let the groom and the bride select an aisle each to enter. You can go up one aisle for one processional and down the other for your recessional. You can also make the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk up the two aisles separately.

Sending Everyone Up the Aisle

If you are indeed planning for the non-traditional way, you can be creative and opt for the entire bridal party and immediate relatives of the bride and groom to walk up the aisle together. Your order of this processional can be the following: the Officiant, a relative escorting the bride’s mother, parents of the groom, the best man followed by the groomsmen, the bridesmaid followed by the matron or maid of honour, the flower girl(s) and Ring Bearer(s), and finally the father of the bride escorting the talk of the ceremony.


The bride’s attendants and the groom’s attendants can walk up the aisle as couples, either on a single or a double aisle. Their entrance can be timed by having a few seconds gap in between the entrance of each, giving them a spotlight of their own. Men and women can also enter individually and alternatively. You can also have your parents escort you down the aisle as this symbolises the presence of your parents in the important day of your life. Or it would be best for both the bride and the groom can walk down the aisle together, symbolising a walk into the new phase of life together.

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