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diamond wedding ring

4 Tips From Jewellery Designers of Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is one of the most precious things you will ever own; not just in terms of money, but also with regards to sentimental value. Most women wear their diamond wedding rings proudly as a symbol of their happy married life. Unlike the engagement ring, a wedding ring is worn pretty much all the time. As a result, diamond wedding rings do need regular care and maintenance. Here are 4 top tips shared by jewellery designers on how to take care of your diamond wedding ring.

diamond wedding ring
diamond wedding ring

Clean regularly with home-made cleaning agents

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a small fortune on buying cleaners for your diamond ring. Turns out, simple home-made solutions do the trick just fine. The most common and easiest way to clean a diamond wedding ring is to dip it in a solution of warm water and liquid soap. You can scrub the ring with a soft toothbrush to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. However, do not be too aggressive with the toothbrush r you knock a few stones loose from the setting. Dry the ring by dabbing it with a soft cloth; microfiber cloths are perfect for the job. If the diamond surface has too many smudges, try a solution of equal parts ammonia and cold water. Leave the ring in the solution for 15-20 minutes and let it dry naturally by placing it on a soft cloth.

Break out the professional cleaning stuff once in a while

Your wedding ring is not just the diamond, but also the band that the diamonds are set in. It is perfectly okay to use professional cleaning agents to clean the metal band. However, if not careful, the strong agents can react with the surface of the diamond. Hence, make sure you use them sparingly. Also, there are different cleaning agents for different metals; ensure that you are using the right one. The consequences of using a silver polisher to clean platinum can have a pretty bad effect.

You don’t need the ring to do your daily chores

Whenever you are doing your daily chores, remove you diamond ring and keep it in a safe place. This reduces the risk of scratches on the diamond or the metal band. Some household cleaning materials contain very strong chemical compounds that can ruin a diamond wedding ring. Since it is not imperative to wear a wedding ring when doing chores, do yourself a favour and take it off. Place it in a jewellery box so that you don’t lose it and can always remember where you kept it.

An annual visit to the jeweller is a must

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Make sure to visit your jeweller at least once a year to have them inspect your wedding ring. The primary purpose of these visits is to check the setting of the diamonds. If the prongs holding the diamonds in place have moved, you run the risk of losing a precious diamond from your wedding ring. Besides inspecting the setting, the jeweller will also clean and polish the ring to make it gleam just like it did on your wedding day. It is always recommended that you take the ring to the same jeweller from whom you had bought it.

Following these 4 simple tips will help ensure that your diamond wedding ring is well taken care of and continues to shine lustrously.

Neil Shadwick is a jewellery shop owner and is the leading seller of wedding rings in Perth. He is very passionate about his work and loves the fact that he gets to interact with different people on a daily basis and understanding their different jewellery requirements. You can get a fair idea of his expertise through this post in which he has given tips for taking care of your diamond ring.

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