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Tips On Picking The Perfect Diamond Ring

It’s the start of a new year and with a new year comes new resolutions. You’ve tightened your belt and you’ve opened a savings account, so that can only mean one of two things. You’re buying a new jetliner or you’re buying an engagement ring right?

diamond ring
diamond ring

Diamonds are not as expensive as you might think

The problem is that most people think an engagement ring will cost them an arm or a leg but if you learn how diamonds are valued and how to evaluate a diamond you’ll be able to buy a diamond for what it’s worth.

So what should you look at when buying a diamond engagement ring?

Your Budget

Your budget greatly determines what you can afford or not. We’ve found that its a lot easier on your pocket to save from an early stage. Rather put a few hundred into your savings account than a few thousands in the last three months. This takes a lot of pressure of from you and your wallet. Before oyu do this however you should get a rough estimation of what you can get for your buck.

The four C’s of a diamonds.


The carat of a diamond is the metric used for the weight of a diamond. Since it’s rare ot find a large diamond the size of the diamond is valued according to its size.


The clarity is measured by the absence of flaws found in the diamond. Some you will be able to see with your naked eye and other you will have to use a magnifying glass. Flaws come in the form of bubbles, spots, fractures and cracks.



The light performance in a diamond estimates the cut of the diamond. If a jeweller is experienced, he will be able to transform a rough diamond into a cut diamond with amazing brilliance.

4. Colour

Diamonds with a clear or white colour are very valuable compared to a diamond with a yellow tint in it. Whereas a completely yellow diamond, “Fancy”, with all the colours of the spectrum in it is considered very rare and expensive.

The local jeweller

The last bit of advice we can give you is to contact your local jeweller when creating the ring. He’ll give you a discount more likely than the big stores in malls. Just have a look at his portfolio first before you jump in and give him your precious diamond.

From someone who has already gone through this nerve wrecking time, good luck we wish you all of the best and we hope you enjoyed our diamond guide.

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