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bird cage

Bird Cages Wedding Favor

hadiah sangkar burung

bird cage

hadiah sangkar burung

This bird cage wedding favor can fill in 2 pieces of Ferraro Rocher chocolate.

Height 10cm x Diameter 7cm

hadiah sangkar burung

Choosing wedding favors, like so many other parts of planning a wedding, can be fun and enjoyable but at the same time, absolutely overwhelming. There are so many beautiful choices for brides these days, from candles to kitchen gadgets and even seedlings, that any woman might feel as if she just has too many options.

The other problem a woman might face when purchasing the wedding favors is how many she’ll need. Some opt to have favors for each individual guest while others will save a bit by having only one favor per couple. This of course is a personal decision to make, but when you are finalizing the number of wedding favors you purchase, there’s one group of recipients that many brides fail to take into account.

And that group is the children. Unless you’ve specifically stated that there are to be no children at your wedding, you know you’re going to have many of them there. And anyone that knows children knows that they hate to see someone else get a gift when they don’t!

Having wedding favors only for the adults may be a big mistake at your wedding. This might make the children feel left out just as they’re getting ready to go home; the last thing they’ll remember about your wedding is that they didn’t get that special little present that everyone else got!

On the other hand, if you do plan on having children at your wedding then this is a good thing to think about when choosing wedding favors. There are many different options that would work well for children as well as adults. As an example, you may want to steer clear of candles and kitchen gadgets and instead opt for chocolates or other edible items, seedlings for them to plant, or even photo frames – children will no doubt love having their own frame and can pick out a favorite photo for their bedroom! If you opt for edible wedding favors, make sure you get something that kids will love such as Lifesavers or chocolates rather than mints or gum.

You may want to think of getting this little bird cage as a container to fill in small treats for guests and children.

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