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backyard wedding

5 Secrets Behind Planning The Perfect Backyard Wedding


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Many couples have become budget conscious these days and are looking for ways to have their dream wedding without spending huge amounts of money. One of the best and easiest ways to have a beautiful and yet cost effective wedding is to use your backyard, or a friend or relative’s backyard if you do not have the space! You can plan the perfect day, surrounded by close family and friends, on your beautifully manicured lawn. With proper planning, your wedding can be the talk of the town. Following are some tips that you can follow when planning your day.

The guest list

One of the most important considerations when planning the event is the guest list. You have to make sure that you only invite the number of guests that the yard can comfortably accommodate. Make sure that you keep to the guest list to avoid overcrowding that can ruin your event. The size of the yard will determine the number of guests that you can invite.

Consider the weather

It is very important to consider the weather when planning an outdoor event. You should plan for the worst weather scenario, because rain during the summer is quite common. To avoid disappointment buy or hire a protective shelter to ensure that your event goes on uninterrupted. You can find good quality portable shelters in a variety of sizes and you can get one that will offer adequate shelter.

Embrace nature

When you have an outdoor wedding, you will not have to spend much on décor. If you have a beautiful yard, you can use the natural scenery as the backdrop for your wedding. You can even plant extra flowers to enhance the décor or add more color. If you have trees and other plants, hanging simple decorations on them can add to the beauty without denting your budget.

Recruit friends and family for help


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The best thing about a backyard event is that calling in reinforcements is much easier. You can get your family and friends to help in organizing the wedding. By delegating some tasks, you can save yourself the hustle of running around before the big day. The more help you can get, the easier the planning will be. Make sure that you recruit dependable people. The last thing you need is for someone to forget to rent the tables!

Creating the perfect mood

Music and lighting are two major ways to enhance or create the ideal mood for your backyard wedding. It is important to get a professional to deal with the lighting so that you can create an atmosphere that is conducive for all night partying. Using the right lighting can create a romantic ambience. Make sure that you make wise choices when choosing the music so that you can create the right mood.

backyard wedding
backyard wedding

In addition, carrying out home repairs or improvements before the big day is important. The event will expose your property to many people and it helps to try to enhance your home. Make sure that you identify and deal with any problem areas before the wedding day. Apart from adding to the aesthetics and functionality on the wedding day, you will enjoy the benefits of the improvements for a long time to come!

Author of this article is David Hall, a consultant with a leading event management company. He is known for arranging parties with wild themes. One such theme was party tents which had become the talk of the town.

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