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5 Tips To Pop The Big Question In A Memorable Way

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Most men struggle with posing the question of “Will you marry me?” when they are thinking to propose. While for some, it is the fear of rejection that makes them hesitant; for others, it is simply about the best way to do it and ensuring that it is memorable. If you are planning to propose, it is natural to be nervous but you need to realize that it does not have to be a nightmare. There are some tips that can ensure that you bring out the engagement ring in a very special way. Also, what the ring looks like will often overshadow everything else, so make a wise choice!

    1. Make sure you are ready

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Most men who find themselves scared about proposing might not admit it but it is because they are not quite ready. A wedding proposal should not be spontaneous or impulsive, but it should be made after careful thought. Fear of rejection stems from the fact that you do not know where you stand due to lack of communication. If you have been with your girlfriend long enough, you know how she feels and you have likely discussed the idea of marriage. You should make sure that the marriage is something that you both want, before you start planning the proposal. This will give you the confidence you need.

    1. Make it special

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When you are sure that your girlfriend is ready to take the next step, make the proposal special. Making it a surprise will ensure that she has a memorable experience to share with all her friends. Pick the perfect location where you can get the ideal romantic ambience to sweep her off her feet. Timing is everything when you want to make the proposal a surprise. It is also a good idea to propose when she is in a good mood.  If you have just had a fight, the expensive engagement ring might just end up in the bottom of the toilet bowl!

    1. The perfect ring

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The proposal is not complete without the perfect diamond ring. Before you start shopping for a ring, it is a good idea to find out your girlfriends taste. Make sure you look where her eye lingers when you visit jewelry stores and you will soon learn her taste. Most women will be only too glad to give you hints about their preference but if you are in doubt, talk to her closest friend in confidence. Women often talk about their favorite diamonds, both color and cut. There are many options when it comes to choosing rings and they come in a wide range of cuts to suit everyone.

    1. Speak from the heart

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It is not enough to just hand over the ring and continue with your meal! It is important to actually ask your girlfriend to marry you and tell her why you want to marry her. Declare your love and tell her you want to spend your life with her. You need to convince her that this is something that you really want to do. The way many men propose comes across like something they feel they need to do because “it is the expected logical step “. It is important for your girlfriend to know exactly how you feel.

    1. Make it intimate

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Contrary to what many men think, most women prefer an intimate proposal. Involving too many people might make her feel like you are putting her on the spot. When you propose in front of a whole stadium of people at a sports event, or before her friends and family, it can turn out to be quite embarrassing. Unless you are sure that it is the kind of thing she would like, stick to an intimate setting. You are also less likely to tell her exactly how you feel when you have a large audience watching.

When you come up with a creative proposal, your loved one will know that you put a lot of thought into it and it will make her feel special. It will be something she will remember all her life and she will be proud to tell it to anyone who cares to listen. By following these simple tips, you can make the proposal easy to manage and you will not have to fear the prospect!

Today’s guest blogger, Ryan Hall, works as a wedding consultant.  He believes white gold engagement ring is a perfect jewelry a bridegroom can ever give to his bride.

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