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Stuck For Gift Ideas? Try These Gifts That All Girls Love

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Buying a present for your best friend is a tough job! You may know her really well, but that still doesn’t make it any easier. There’s no doubt that girls love to spoil each other, so a pampering present is always going to go down well. Whether it’s her birthday, it’s Christmas, or just because, your best friend is good to you and she deserves a treat. Here are some great pampering presents that will be a sure fire hit!

A Spa Day

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Spa days are the ultimate in relaxation! Grab a voucher for your best friend, and why not have one for yourself so you can keep her company?! A spa day consists of chilling in saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis with a good book and a glass of rosé – what’s not to like? If you have a little extra room in the budget then throw in a manicure, pedicure or a back, neck and shoulder massage. She’ll be delighted, and if you go together you will giggle the day away. Go for a nice meal together afterwards – you’ll both be feeling super-relaxed and full of energy, so see where the night takes you!


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Every girl loves makeup! If you are going to buy some for your best friend then choose a brand that she loves. Cosmetics such as foundation and concealer are the sorts of things she’ll need to buy for herself, but as for lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers and mascaras – you can choose some great colours that she might not go for herself. A girl can never have too much makeup so there’s no chance you’ll be getting her something she already has. Make your choices and pop them all together in a beautiful makeup bag. She’ll be thrilled, so the two of you had better get glammed-up and hit the town!


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Jewellery can be a personal choice, but if you feel you know her style well enough then you may be brave enough to choose something for her. Does she normally wear chunky jewellery or is she more of a fan of delicate things? Does she prefer silver or gold? Choose something that you know she will love, but ask for a gift receipt just in case she’s not so sure. Tell her she can exchange it if she wants, and don’t be offended if she does – it’s the thought that counts and you’d rather she had something that she is actually going to wear!

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be that tricky! Most women are thrilled with anything that is associated with relaxation and pampering, so it’s definitely the way forward. If you are really stuck for ideas then why not just take her out for a slap up lunch with a bottle or two of wine? Anybody would love that present! You could even take her shopping so she can pick her own present. However you go about it, your bestie needs spoiling rotten so make sure you make her feel as special as she is!

Today’s feature contributor, Jenny Wadlow is a freelance writer who works at a cosmetic store called Chi Chi cosmetics. She has a lot of interest in  cosmetics and has knowledge about all sorts of cosmetic product.  She is an outgoing person and likes to hang out with her friends.

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