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happy birthday

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Although cheap is sometimes synonymous with ‘bad’, it is a sentiment that is not necessarily true. If you are a penny pinching parent who wants to celebrate your child’s birthday without ending up in the poor house, here are a few ideas that will help you to achieve that happy balance between a fun birthday party and one that is inexpensive; cheap if you will. Cheap birthday party ideas for kids.

happy birthday
happy birthday

Find a recipe and bake a cake with your child

One way to save money on your child’s birthday party is on the cake. You and your child can decide on the flavor of the birthday cake. Find a recipe you both agree on and bake the cake together from scratch. The great thing about this birthday idea is that you can make this an annual tradition for you and your child, one that they will remember and retell to friends when they are older: as a child every birthday me and my mother or father would pick out a recipe and make a birthday cake together from scratch.

Make a homemade pizza

The cornerstone of most birthday party celebrations is pizza e.g. Chucky Cheese. Although, you can purchase pizza at a reasonable price at a lot of pizza places, to save even more money consider making a homemade pizza. One party idea is to buy or make some pizza dough, fill bowls with toppings and tomato sauce and have the children make their own individual pizza.

Buy Balloons at the dollar store

The third cheap birthday party idea are the balloons. As a rule, balloons,do not cost that much if you go say a dollar store in your city as oppose to going to a party store and ordering special occasions balloons filled with helium. Going to the party store will cost you more than if you bought two to three packs of balloons at the dollar store and blew them up yourself.

Pop air popcorn in a jar and rent movies

Another cheap birthday party idea is to stay home and rent a movie. Rent movies that play into the theme of the birthday party like all Disney movies or movies that has a particular actress or actor the kids love and buy a large jar of popcorn kernals to pop.

Visit Museums when they are free

Interested in a birthday outing, well get into a car and go visit some of your city’s children’s, science or art museums. But make sure it is on a day that is free, and if not, see if you can get some kind of discount.

Go to a Matinee or Dollar Movies

Another option besides renting movies and popping some popcorn at home is to take the kids to an early matinee or movie theaters where the admission cost is $1.00. You still have to splurge on popcorn, candy and soda pop, but with the money you save on admission you still will come out ahead.

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