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bridal shower favor

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas, Are They Really Required?

What is your first wedding favor ideas thought when you hear that a relative, friend, or coworker is getting married?

When thinking about wedding favor ideas, it is sometimes challenging to find just the right wedding gift. The quest for a one-of-a-kind gift, often seems like an insurmountable task.

bridal shower favor
bridal shower favor

Searching For Wedding Favor

Wedding favor ideas will just pop into your head as you travel from store to store, while your options dwindle and the urge to give up takes over. Sure that the choicest selections of the bridal registry have already been purchased, you are at a loss for what wedding gift to buy. When trying to choose the perfect wedding gift that reflects your connection with the happy couple, gifts listed on the bridal registry can seem impersonal and disconnected.

A toaster oven hardly seems appropriate to celebrate the marriage of your college roommate. Will this be a practical gift; of course, but does it convey the emotion of the occasion? So now you are faced with a dilemma. A personalized gift celebrating a shared special occasion or event, is one choice to consider.

In memory of a Spring Break college road trip, you might choose a picture frame with a beach theme. A wedding gift with an autumn motif, will bring back memories of your college days, or football games on fall afternoons. For a great way to draw a connection between the feelings of joy from the ceremony and the joy of past shared events, picture frames are uniquely personal.

Get Something The Couple Love

It would be especially appropriate if you could think of something that you know that the couple would enjoy, but have not included on the registry. Some examples that might fit are: clothing for honeymoon travel, luggage tags for their trip, or a day of pampering at a neighborhood spa. Although these wedding gift ideas may not seem individualized at first, the bride and groom will appreciate your intention to ease their stress.

Sometimes, a second “notion” gift, is a novel addition to your main gift. Inject a little humor with this accessory gift that is a great way to add some fun to the occasion. An idea for this gift could include wedding flip-flops that stamp “just married” as they walk along the honeymoon beach. The bride and groom will appreciate lying around on lazy mornings in amusing, matching bride and groom t-shirts.

Going Personalized

Another fun idea is wine or beer glasses personalized for the couple. Any couple will feel special when receiving a personalized item, which still conveys an individual touch, although the cost of this service has become much less costly. Try to keep in perspective that the wedding gift you choose is a symbol, a reminder of an important relationships, and although these symbols are precious to us, they cannot take the place of the actual relationships themselves.

Events stemming from our memories and friendships, such as weddings, and even shopping for that special wedding gift, can act to connect us, and draw us closer together for the rest of our lives. Unique wedding favor ideas transformed into the perfect gifts can be a befitting representation. We are reminded of what is significant in our lives, through our friendships, and even the challenge to locate the perfect wedding gift.

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