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How Wine Theme Wedding Favors Break The Festivities

Wine theme wedding favors will add a little charm and elegance to the reception tables at a wedding, especially in the evening, while your candles create a classic ambiance.


For a wine theme wedding favors based subject, the perfect accessory would be a petite Merlot wine glass candle, which also make wonderful wine theme wedding favors.

Wine Theme Wedding Favors

Grape wine theme wedding favors that are set in a glass candle holder, these candles give off a tantalizing grape fragrance. These candles come packaged in a clear gift box adorned with wine and grapes which can be used to display them, making them a great gift.

A cluster of clear and frosted glass grapes make for the beautiful place card holders at a wine themed wedding. Satin-wrapped stems lead down to the grapes and are further enhanced with green glass leaves. The place card can simple be tucked into the cluster of grapes.

You can also delight your guests with a Champagne bottle candle in an ice bucket, if you prefer more whimsical favors. Your guests can dance late into the evening as the candles light up the night for as long as 12 hours. Wrapped in a beautiful organza ribbon that perfectly highlights the clear plastic container, this unique candle makes for perfect wine wedding favors for your guests.

Salt and pepper shakers can also make unique and practical wedding favors that are sure to delight your guests. A depiction of wine bottles lined up along a table is illustrated on these colorful salt and pepper shakers. Clear plastic boxes wrapped with a white organza bow showcase these shakers.

If you are looking for keepsakes that your guests will treasure for years to come, glass oil bottles make great wine favors that they can display in their homes. To create the perfect table setting, you can pair the salt and pepper shakers with the oil bottles as they have a similar design. A white organza bow adorns the plastic boxes that the oil bottle comes in.


There are also coasters that have a similar design and make wonderfully complementary wine wedding favors to the salt and pepper shakers and the glass oil bottle. Also encased in a clear basket box and wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon, these coasters come in either cork or glass.

If you are looking to share your love of wine when choosing thank you gifts, you can pair the tastes of your guests with any number of various bottle stopper designs. Hearts, shells, crystal balls and scallops are just a few of the decorative bottle stopper tops you will find on these wine theme wedding favors. For a chic mementos for your guests, you might consider the classic Victorian style bottle stoppers.

A heart-shaped or tuxedo corkscrew will make a lovely gift for guests that are avid wine drinkers. A bow usually adorns the boxes these corkscrews come in.

Cheese Boards

Cheese serves as a favorite pairing with wine for many people. Another great favor idea is cheese boards that spell “L-O-V-E”. An alternating clear and white block pattern creates a beautiful design for these cheese boards. Elegant capital letters spell out the word “love” on the cheese board. Decorative cheese knives also accompany these wine theme wedding favors. Your reception table can also be decorated by using this unique gift as a display.

Another great wine theme wedding favor that wine lovers will adore is unique wine charms. The lucky couple can further demonstrate their affection for one another on their wedding day by using the wine charms to spell out the word “love”. There is a wide variety of wine charms, such as sea or beach themed designs like seashells, starfish and dolphins. Charms with diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs are available for couples who love to play poker, and there are charms that make perfect wine theme wedding favors too.

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