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Looking out for a door gift especially for your guest of honor ( VIP ) on your wedding day may be rather time consuming since that it is in different group of souvenirs from the gift of other guests. The difference is not limited to certain specification which normally vary only in terms of form, type, price, size, color and others .

Below are a few example of a possible VIP door gifts you can get for your VIP guests . Number of VIP guests who attended a wedding ceremony are usually lesser compared to regular guests in our attendees list. The amount of door gifts reserved is normally only in the range of 40 pieces to 100 pieces per person.

The Practicality of the door gift depends on your own necessity. If you would like to prepare something practical as a door gift to your respective guest, it has to be something that can be use and of course is practical on people’s living. Furthermore, it has to be decorated accordingly with your event theme. As in this article, we have chose unique glass jars which is quite practical as a glass box to fill something like brooches, jewelleries, old coins and so much more expediency. We have prepare a few example of VIP Door gift (Glass Jar) as per below for your reference to find a suitable and nice VIP Door gift.


A glass jar in a shape quite like an apple being wrapped by using a net cloth fabric and decorated by using few layered of ribbons and tack with a bunch of small red roses looks really amazing and turn heads.


This second image is uncovered and is not wrapped. The jar in a shape of a pineapple was tied with Sheer gold ribbon from the top cover to the base of the jar. It is tied and enfold neatly in order to prevent possible falls and shattered.The Cover of the jar is then decorated with matching colors of ribbons.


The third picture is probably more secure and shielded because it was placed in a PVC Box . A Personalized nametag of the occasion also already hang on the glass jar. In the other hand, you can also tack the nametag or sticker on the PVC Box rather than hang it on the glass cover.


This fourth picture is the VIP wedding door gift chosen by the Famous Malaysian Celebrity Anzalna Nasir with Hanif Zaki on their awe-inspiring Wedding Reception held early in 2016. There are two types of VIP door gift which has been nicely decorated and attached with a nametag of the Wedding. The Large jar was decorated by attaching an accessories of a beautiful blue butterfly on the cover. The Candle stick on the other hand was decorated with a matching ribbon.

Keep in mind that you will need to fill the glass jars before sealing or tying it together with the jar glass cover. You can fill the Jar with so many things that you can think of. We can give you a few example of the fillings you can get ubiquitously such as tidbits (Sweets, Chocolate, Nuts, Beans, dates and so on), Scented Colourful Potpourri, Embroidered Handkerchief or towels, Scented Candles, jewelleries and many more. Looking for the fillings is quite easy as long as it is within your budget and fit the box.

We are hoping that this article can at least provide an informative references in order to help you to find some ideas on your VIP door gift for your incoming special events.

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