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Why Small Wedding Ideas are the Secret Ingredient?

Wedding is one of the most special moments in the life of everyone when two souls are getting together with each other for their whole life. Having some small wedding ideas on planning a wedding reception ceremony is equally important for the bride and groom as the invited guests will be sharing this occasion with both of them and making this occasion more auspicious by showering their blessings. This occasion should be celebrated uniquely irrespective of its size but usually smaller wedding celebration give more intimate and personal feel on this occasion.

wedding guests

Earlier small weddings were celebrated to keep away the debts that may overburden the performers for many years. You might have not heard of small weddings since long but know again the trend of small wedding ideas is becoming popular among the people as it makes the event more intimate and personal to the would be husbands and wives.

Some Of The Popular Small Wedding Ideas

Invite Only The Intimate Guests:

In fact small wedding does not implies with simple or cheap class wedding but they are small as the number of guests are reduced considerably because only the intimate friends and families are invited on these wedding ceremonies. Inviting far off relationships and family friends can be avoided to make this occasion more personal and intimate.

Focusing On Other Important Aspects:

You can focus on several other points by reducing the size of your wedding. Small wedding ideas of celebrating wedding occasion at some specific destination or on the basis of some specific theme can also make it memorable for you for long time. Choosing a good destination or wedding theme can be easier after reducing the guest list considerably.

small wedding ideas
small wedding ideas

More Simple Wedding Idea:

If you want to make your wedding occasion more simple and intimate after reducing your guest list then you can choose small unique wedding ideas like celebrating it at the favorite restaurant of the groom or bride or at some family member’s home or in the backyard of best friend’s house or at their favorite park. This small wedding idea can make the environment more personal and intimate for both, bride and groom.

Using The Food Choices Flexibly :

The most important thing of this occasion is to celebrate the small weeding reception in more intimate and personalized environment. If you are planning to try small wedding ideas on a budget then you can you can go for dinner or catering at some good restaurant where you can enjoy buffet or potluck with your limited guests and would be life partner.

Use Of Homemade Stuffs:

Since you have planned to celebrate your wedding reception with your family and friends in a intimate and personalized environment then you can also make it more personal by using the small wedding reception ideas of personalized CD of music which you usually enjoy to listen or homemade cookies, candies and breads to offer them to your guests for eating. These and several other homemade ideas can make the environment of the wedding reception closer and personal.

Homemade Invitation Cards:

Making your own homemade invitation cards is one of the wedding ideas that can give your wedding a more personal touch. You make the invitations more personal by quoting special sentiments for your guests. You can impress your limited number of guests through these invitations as they will also reflect your personal intimacy with them.

Try Something Different:

You can try something different to make your wedding reception memorable for long time. The thing you are going to try must be enjoyable for your guests like you can add some board games or tournament that can end up with a gift of basket to the winner. Such simple ideas can make your wedding occasion unforgettable for long time, especially for the winners.

Thus main thought behind the idea of small wedding is to share the special day of your life with the people who have special importance for you. You can easily plan the wedding of your dreams which you may not expect otherwise as you have managed the number of guests suitably. You can easily make it an occasion that will always remain in your memories as you can fulfill all of your desires in your limited budget with the small wedding ideas.

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