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wedding favor bottle

Wedding Candy Bottle

Put Your Wedding Candy into this cute and reusable little bottle.

You can choose white, champagne or pink ribbon according to your wedding theme.

Bottle Size: Bottom Diameter: 3.8cm x Height 10.5cm.

wedding favor bottle
wedding favor bottle

Accessories: Ribbon and Personalised Sticker (upon request)

* Chocolates for displayed only

If you want some cheap favors for your event, you may think of getting these small wedding candy bottles.

People used to use products made of straw, glass, paper, cloth, leather, wood, cotton, linen, and silk before plastics came into the picture. However, many things we use today are plastics. This includes pipes, plastic squeeze bottles, containers, and many garments even. Some electronic equipment that is newly designed are made of mostly plastic.

An Essential Part For Daily Lives

Plastics have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Many things we like to use are made of this type of material. This is because plastic has many advantages over other materials and doesn’t cost as much either. Plastic also resists corrosion really well and is flexible and durable.

Plastic may have properties that make it a perfect material for everything we need to use on a day to day basis, but it poses a threat to the atmosphere and environment. However, if information on the right way to dispose plastic products was distributed, then we could solve this problem of damage to the environment. Educating people on the best way to get rid of things like these candy bottles will help preserve this beautiful planet that we live on.

One great way of helping that everyone has heard of is recycling. You can recycle the plastics. It may be more complex than it seems at first, but recycling would definitely be a great service to the community at large. Plastics are organized into grade levels. Every candy container, including plastic squeeze bottles, have numbers that run from one to seven and indicate the grade level of the plastic. Levels one and two are generally the commonly used ones which include soda bottles as well as cooking oil bottles.

Different Grades Identification

Grade number one is called polyethelyne terephthalate, also known as PET, and these plastics are the ones that are used the most as well as the easiest one to recycle. Grade number two is called high density polyethelene, also known as HDPE and this kind is used in the making of many detergent bottles in addition to many kinds of food containers. They are a little harder compared to the PET. Grade number three to number seven require established recyclable plants just for them so that they can be reused. These plastics at these grade levels need a much bigger as well as much more complicated equipment in order to process.

All the plastic squeeze bottles are used more and more frequently because of its many advantages. For nearly any industry, plastics offer flexibility, so they are used more often now. So long as people know how to recycle them and use them wisely, our environment will be protected and we can continue our usage of many of similar items like the plastic squeeze bottles.

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