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Some Amazing Wedding Video Clips

Here are some wonderful video clips that related to wedding that I think worth for me to share with you. Hope you do enjoy as I did.


Planning a Wedding Video

One of the biggest mistakes videographers make is avoiding preparation. Brides, parents, grooms, and wedding coordinators spend months planning one single wedding event. It only stands to reason that you should take your time planning a wedding video.

After your services have been secured, you’ll need to sit down with the happy couple. Understand what the couple wants, what the wedding theme is, and where the event will be held. With this basic starting information, you can devise a wedding video plan that will work every time.

Where You Are Needed
Wedding involve lots of different events. Find out if the bride and groom expect you to film an engagement party, bachelorette party, or other event in addition to the actually wedding ceremony. If possible, take an hour or so to visit each venue. When it comes to shooting a wedding video, there’s no such thing as too much preparation!

Preparing For the Big Day
There’s nothing worse than misspelling someone’s name – unless you happen to misspell someone’s name on a wedding video. If you plan on tagging certain frames with names and captions, write down the name of each wedding party member before the big event.

It’s also a good idea to snag a copy of the wedding day program. Find out who’s involved in the event, who plans on speaking, and where you should be at all times. While getting every shot is important, ask the bride and groom what level of intrusiveness they feel comfortable with. You don’t want to stand on stage with the couple if this will embarrass either party.

Staging Videos
Sometimes staged videos look great. Setting up backdrops and taking on the role of director can be a lot of fun for all involved. Other times, a staged video looks, well, staged. If the people you are working with are comfortable with a big of staging, give it your best shot. Just remember not to become too bossy or intrusive.

If the couple you are working with tend to be on the quiet side, a staged video may not be the best option. Try to get a feel for the people you will be working with. You’ll know right away if you are expected to blend into the background or run the show.

Networking is a large part of wedding video success. The two people you want to network with are the celebrant and the wedding coordinator. Speak with these people, find out what you can and can’t get away with, and become friendly with both of these individuals. If you succeed, you may even find yourself with another wedding gig!

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