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6 scented rose soap

Inexpensive Rose Soaps For Your Wedding

Put your heart into every detail and do all the necessary preparation for your wedding day are the thing that make your guests to keep in their memories for cherishing. You invited guests take pleasure in your effort in providing them an enjoyable wedding party for them. What can be even better way to cheer up your guests and make them even enjoyable would be giving them some little goody like rose soap for them to take home.

It is really a good idea for you to take into consideration of giving bath and rose soap wedding favors. Favors like rose soap is just about the most excellent choices which meet the requirements associated with sensible wedding favors. In addition, just about all people are doing their regular bathroom routines everyday to refresh their daily life. Thus, rose soap wedding favors are basically an excellent idea to show your appreciation to your guests in your wedding.

The rose soaps are actually excellent wedding favors for most ladies. The items normally are available in showcase gift boxes and tend to produce a wonderful display on your dinner tables. The prices of these wedding favors also quite affordable which generally just between $1.00 to $2.00 that you can buy in bulk but still not paying too much for them.

Overall, rose soap wedding favors are ideal gifts to say thank you to the people who presenting themselves in your wedding to complete your wedding in a whole. You should consider of getting these rose soaps wedding favors in case your want to give your guests some favors that is inexpensive yet elegant and more likely to be loved by most people.

Rose Soap that We Supply

This rose petal soap is not only make an amazing display on your reception table, but it also is a soap or cleanser that you can use during showering in bathroom.

The rose petal soap could easily dissolved in the water and contains active decontamination factor. It is great for cleaning and sterilization.

Your guest can use it for aromatherapy rose petals bath in their home’s bath tub.

The features of this rose soap is that it can immediately and effectively penetrate the skin, expedite blood circulation, eliminating fatigue, and hydrate your skin.

Besides, it is of rich foam, whitening and elastic. The soap is also very safe to be used since it is being made with non-toxic materials.

6 scented rose soap
6 scented rose soap

6 Scented Roses Soap
Length 8.5cm x Width 10cm x Height 4cm


rose soaps
rose soaps

3 scented rose soap
Length 6cm x Width 7.3cm x Height 4cm


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    May I know the price for 3 and 6 scented roses?

    I’m looking at or around 800-900 pieces.

    Also does it comes with personalized tag?

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