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lavender love metallic tin box

Mint Tin in 2012

Looking for discount wedding favors and planning a wedding may prove to be a slightly complicated affair to most folks.

This is more so if you’re running on a restricted budget. In such situations, you can make compromises on some pieces of the marriage traditions, like purchasing and distributing discount wedding favors to the guests of your marriage.

lavender love metallic tin box
lavender love metallic tin box

Practically every body loves huge discount wedding favors, so why not you consider of getting this designed mint tin as your wedding favors to give to your visitors. You’ll find shops who are far more than prepared to sell these mint tin favors at discount rates.

These mint tin are featured with cute design, and you can matched with customized tags when you purchase them. Your visitors are certain to enjoy by having this favors in their hand.

Photograph glass coaster favors are really sublime and cheap favors. These cheap favors are found in sets of four; and you can personalize them by placing a photograph of you and your other half in the coaster, to be put on the reception tables.

Your visitors will certainly hold this very dear for a period of time after your marriage. One more fantastic discount marriage favor concepts is long stemmed rose soap favors. These favors come in showcase present boxes and are great as a display on the reception tables.

Mint Tin Favors

Another idea for discount marriage favors is min tin favor that you can get a good discount by buying them in bulk. You have to put candy, rose petals and other treats you like in the mint tin containers and splatter them on the reception tables as decorations.

Edible marriage favors are great discount marriage favors for you to think about for your marriage. You may either hire somebody to make these marriage favors or you might make them yourselves.

Use your talent in making a favor the guests will enjoy and relish, like fortune cookies, lollipops, chocolates, and so on. You may also find special and inexpensive marriage favors like special cupcakes, pastries and various biscuits with bakeries.

It is up to you to pick the ideal marriage favor while keeping your personality and style in mind. Give customized sugar cookies where the sugar is an identical color as your marriage colors or customized lollipops with your names found in a unique style and shape in them.

Even customized souvenirs in the shape of picture frames with your picture in them are a brilliant idea. Use this or any other concept for a cost reduction method for discount wedding favors that remind your visitors of your wedding when they look at them long after your marriage.

5 thoughts on “Mint Tin in 2012”

  1. hi, blh u list kn if i need mint tin in pick color and i nk draw carton p’ganting juz blk line berapa price die if i order 1000pcs

    1. utk design sendiri, minimum kuantiti kena ambil 2500 pcs sbb kilang kena buat mold yg blh pakai satu kali saje. Dan harganya adalah RM2.00 utk 1 pc.

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