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wedding cake

Yummy Summer Wedding Cakes

If there is one thing that everybody loves about weddings, it is the cake. These days bakers have become very creative in the cake and frosting flavors that they offer. These are some of the most yummy flavors for summer wedding cakes.

wedding cake
wedding cake

Just like clothing and jewelry for weddings, the best summer wedding cakes are light and uncomplicated. Avoid heavy flavors like spice or pumpkin cheesecake for a warm weather wedding confection. Vanilla and citrus based cakes are more appropriate for the summer season. For a really tasty and refreshing cake, consider a key lime flavor. It would be perfect for a high summer wedding. It could be frosted with either a vanilla buttercream icing or one with shaved coconut in it. Just be sure to keep any wedding cake with buttercream or whipped cream frosting cool and shaded so the frosting does not melt.

Another light citrusy cake flavor is lemon chiffon. Doesn’t that just sound refreshing? Give it some depth of flavor by layering the lemon chiffon cake with a thin layer of seedless raspberry jam and buttercream. Sugared gum paste Meyer lemons would be a wonderful decoration for this kind of cake. They will look bright and summery, while also giving a hint of the flavor under the frosting. This cake would be very summery and crisp done with square tiers covered in fondant. It would also be nice to wrap a striped grosgrain ribbon around the base of each tier for a whimsical touch.

If you are going with a beach theme for everything from your decorations to your wedding jewelry, consider a coconut rum wedding cake. It will definitely capture the spirit of your beach theme beautifully. This cake is made by drizzling coconut rum over a coconut chiffon cake and layering it with coconut buttercream frosting. Sounds heavenly! You could decorate the cake with frosting seashells or use gorgeous tropical flowers. Purple and magenta orchids or hibiscus blossoms would be stunning decorations on a coconut rum cake.

For a casual summer wedding in the country, you just couldn’t do better than a strawberry shortcake flavored wedding cake. Soft white vanilla cake is stacked with fresh sliced strawberries and dollops of freshly whipped cream. The result is a delicious cake that absolutely screams summer. A strawberry shortcake cake is good for couples are aren’t that into traditional wedding cakes and fancy decorations. Display it on a red gingham tablecloth for a fun accent to the colors of the cake.

Finally, consider an elegant pink champagne cake for a summertime reception. Think of it as a more summery version of the popular red velvet cake. A pink champagne cake will be especially pretty if you frost it in white buttercream. White chocolate icing would also be a great option. When the cake is cut, the pretty pastel hue will be revealed. Serve it with glasses of champagne for toasting the newlyweds. It will be the perfect sweet ending to your summer wedding!

Bridget Mora loves weddings, etiquette, wedding jewelry, and of course cake! She writes about these topics and more for Silverland Jewelry.

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