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happy birthday

Five Personalized Gift Ideas for a Baby’s First Birthday

The first year of life is an exciting one for the parents, and while the child may not remember their first birthday party, the parents will treasure it forever. After all, it is the day when they can see their child’s eyes light up at the site of their own cake and watch them take joy and pride in blowing out their candle. This special day is one that many parents love to celebrate, and when attending a celebration, it is appropriate to bring a gift. And because this day is their first celebration of their little prince or princess, making the gift extra personal and unique to them is a meaningful touch that will not go unnoticed.

happy birthday
happy birthday

The following are five personalized first birthday gift ideas:

1. Photo Books

One year after the birth of the baby, a lot happens that most parents are only too eager to catch on film. They cannot seem to get enough of their little precious baby and want to capture every moment with a picture. Their beginning to crawl, how adorable they look when they sleep and their love for their mom and dad—all of this is extremely meaningful. To add these precious photos to a photo book can mean the world to the parents of a baby, and it will be an extremely personal present that will last for years to come.

2. Handmade Clothing

Children grow quickly out of their clothing so giving the parents something that will not only be memorable but shows that you spent a lot of time and effort creating will mean a lot to them. Make booties or a small hat that can be used over and over again by the parents, saving them money and giving them some of your handy work.

3. Personalized Plates

Take a day to decorate a plate or a mug at a local ceramics shop. Put the baby’s name on the plate and color it with the color of their birthstone. Add their birth date to the piece to make it extra unique.

4. A Customized Crown or Tiara

Don’t let the birthday boy or girl go uncrowned at their party! Find a unique crown with the number one on it or customize it with the baby’s name to commemorate the day. It will be seen in pictures and remembered as a fun personal present from you.

5. Personalized Gift Baskets

Do you want something that is personal but that can be sent across the miles quite easily? Check out present bundles specifically for birthdays on websites such as

Don’t let your gift slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Make it personal and keep it memorable so that you can show the parents how happy you are for their growing one year old!

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