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handmade necklace

Handmade Necklaces Make Great Unique Gifts

For most people, the perfect gift is something that is special and unique. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive item in the store but it must be something the recipient will truly be able to appreciate. You have many gift choices but few are as special as a handmade necklace. The time and effort you put into making handmade necklaces for your friends or relatives will make your gifts much more valuable than anything you can buy from stores.

handmade necklace
handmade necklace

Getting Started

If you have never created a handmade necklace, you might feel a little intimidated by the process, which you will soon find out is really quite simple. To create a handmade necklace,  first you need to gather the materials needed: cord, decorative elements, and clasp. For the cord, go with a silk cord, leather cord, or elastic cord. All three are the easiest ones to use. If you are up for a bigger challenge, you can use chain links to give your handmade necklace a more sophisticated look. The decorative elements can be anything from a single silver or gold charm that will work as a pendant or a mix of different colored beads to string together along the cord. When you visit local craft stores, you will see all kinds of beads you can use for your creations. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most. The clasp is what locks the necklace in place. The most common ones to use for simple handmade necklaces are hook clasps, button clasps, and screw clasps.

Perfect for Women…and Men Too!

You might think that women and girls are the only ones to whom you can give handmade necklaces. However, many of your male friends are likely to appreciate these unique presents. Just make sure you choose a masculine design so your male friends will be able to wear comfortably the handmade necklaces you give them. A popular style used for handmade necklaces for men is one that has a series of wooden beads strung along a leather cord. It’s simple yet quite elegant, and men can wear this type of necklace for many different occasions.

Personalized Designs

Most craft stores carry hundreds of different items you can use as charms and pendants for handmade necklaces. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind gift, however, you can look elsewhere and just let your imagination run wild. For example, the next time you go to the beach, pick up a few seashells or small corals.  If you live near the woods, go on a hike and pick up a few attractive rocks. They can add a lot of charm to your handmade necklaces. You can use the things you collect to create unique necklaces for your friends.

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