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The Essentials – What to Carry in Your Handbag

Carrying a handbag allows you to have a few important supplies with you at all times so that you are always prepared for any situation. But what is essential to carry in a handbag and what is not necessary?


One of the mistakes that some women make is to try to keep too many things in their handbag. It’s easy to do this, as you can always think of a situation when you might need that little item. However, it means that you will be always be carrying around a huge bag filled with random stuff that you rarely ever use. Also, when you need to find something important such as your wallet, your sunglasses or your bus pass, you will be searching around at the bottom of the bag forever trying to find it underneath all of the other clutter.

The best-stocked handbag will have a few important items that will come in handy, but not too much junk that it becomes impractical.

Besides the obvious additions such as keys, wallet and mobile phone, here are some of the top items that every girl should carry in her handbag:

A Pen and a Tiny Notepad

It is very useful to have these in your handbag because you never know when you might need to write something down, such as an address, a phone number or some other information. You can even find little pen and notepad sets so that the pen will not get separated from the notepad and be difficult to find at the bottom of your bag. Also, make sure that the cap is always on so that it will not leak all over the inside of the purse.

A Healthy Cereal Bar

There are many times when you might find yourself stuck somewhere, such as waiting in traffic or waiting for an appointment and you become incredibly hungry. In these situations, you can get frustrated and cranky and be tempted to slip into a drive through or grab some junk food. If you want to stay on track with your healthy eating, have a healthy snack in your bag instead which will tide you over until you can get home and have something more nourishing.

Gum or a Travel Toothbrush

What if you are just about to go in to an important meeting and suddenly realize that the hummus you ate for lunch is giving you awful garlic breath? When you have emergency mouth-freshening supplies in your purse you will be able to keep your breath fresh all day long. This can also be great if you are going straight from work to hang out with your friends and you don’t have time to go home and brush your teeth in between.

Feminine Products

Most girls will already have an emergency stash of tampons or pads in their bag, as this is a very important supply to carry around. Sometimes your period can come a day early, which is always the day that you happen to be wearing a white skirt! When you have feminine products with you at all times you will never be caught off guard and stuck in an awkward situation.

A Boredom Killer

Throughout your day there are many moments when you will have to kill time while waiting for something, such as in the waiting room at the doctors, at the bus stop, or on the subway. Rather than staring into space you can use this time to your advantage to read a book on your e-reader, listen to music or work on a crossword puzzle.

These are just a few of the items that can be very handy when kept in your handbag.

Whether you carry Alison van der Lande handbags or a cheap tote from the thrift store, here are some items that will really come in handy when stashed in your bag.

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