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wedding checklist

The Final Checklist – Getting Ready Before Your Wedding

The dress is purchased, the flowers are chosen, and the wedding bells are practically ringing in your ears: the last week before your wedding arrives. This time can be both stressful and exciting, and as you make the final preparations before you walk down the aisle, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of this week. To help you keep your head on straight, we’ve made this simple plan for getting organized in the final week before your wedding:

Beginning of the week:
• Reconfirm with the photographer, baker, florist, caterer, and DJ or band to make sure they have the time, location, and other details in order.
• Double check that salon appointments are correct.
• Call any guests who haven’t responded to make sure you have an accurate head count.
• Pack for the wedding night and honeymoon, and make sure your bags are within airline allowances if you’ll be flying.
• Finalize the seating chart, and send it to the venue or location manager.
• Reconfirm honeymoon transportation and hotel reservations.
• Make sure you have someone you trust to take care of wedding gifts and distribute final payments to vendors after the wedding.

The day before:
• Get a manicure and pedicure so you don’t have to worry about wet nails around your wedding dress.
• Limit your alcohol intake at the rehearsal dinner to a single serving or less to avoid sleeping issues, dehydration, and bloating the next day.
• Go to bed early, and avoid caffeine.

The wedding day:
• Start with a healthy breakfast, and have little snacks to keep your energy up. Give yourself fuel to get through the day, but avoid heavy meals so you don’t weigh yourself down and end up having to squeeze into your dress.
• Enjoy yourself! After much painstaking planning, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and revel in your special day.

Each wedding is different, so take the above checklist as a template and add or edit it to suit your needs. Regardless of how you prepare, keep in mind that your wedding day is about celebrating and having fun with your loved ones. There are bound to be little snafus that pop up at the last minute, but by taking the steps above and keeping your cool, you’ll make it to the honeymoon with minimal drama.

wedding checklist
wedding checklist

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for staying organized during the final wedding preparations?

Samantha Hunt works at eInvite, an online retailer of invitations, save the date cards, stationery and other personalized paper goods.

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