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Facebook 22000 Likes

We Hit 22K!!

We just hit 22,000 Likes for our Facebook today! What a milestone and thanks for all your support. We highly appreciate that.

Facebook: WeddingDoorGift

A Great Achievement For Us

The Facebook page of Renown Gift has hit 22,000 for the first time. Thanks to all the support given by you! This is a major milestone in our pages and you all are the reason we achieve this goal. We hope you enjoy the content we put on this page and in our conversation with you every day.

When we first dabble our step in this field, we been strongly stick to our work, dream and vision. And when we started to handle this social media as a portal to help in growing the business, we were never there in our dreams to imagine a day in which we will also have the opportunity to write a note like this. Our goal at that time was just to do what we enjoy. We treat this as a challenge that we will go together and never give up.

It is an endeavor that we try really hard without fear or favor, our only support is by the desire simply to serve the people and bring a smile to their faces. There are a lot of bumps in the road, a lot of moments where we were this close to throwing away feeling angry and disappointed heart. Sometimes we were felt depress and think that this will not achieve any success and we have been wasting our time in keeping doing the same thing. But we still go to the direction we want to achieve.

Up to today, we have to pinch ourselves to always make sure we were not dreaming and that this is all really happening. Can you believe that we will be interviewed by a number of popular magazines like Bride Magazine and became one of the sponsors for Astro Awani program? These are small achievement that we really appreciate.

So to all my friends and our family with us for this, we thank you. For all industry professionals who helped us along the way and give support, thank you. For all customers who visit and ordering products from our store, thank you. We respect and value your support more than you know – the fact that we can bring joy and satisfaction in your life which make us feel we have achieve something which is really mean to us.

From Renown Gift to everyone, we hope you continue this journey with us as we grow. We will always alert ourselves not to be complacent and will keep on improve and discover new ways to communicate with you and bring more quality products to in your life. Who knows what tomorrow will bring us? We can’t wait to find out together!

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