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flowery tin box

Amazing Tin Boxes For Your Special Event

love shaped mint tin
A001 – Small love shaped mint tin with lovely decoration on top

round shaped mint tin
A002 – Small round shaped mint tin decorate with polka-dot ribbon and name tag

round mint tin
A003 – Round shaped mint tin with various colors and feature with decoration of flowers on the top

square tin box
A004 – Square tin box with different colors and decorate with lovely lace create a very wonderful look

decorated tin box

A005 – Round shaped mint tin with medium size that feature with flower and ribbon decorated at the top

Gift in Tin Boxes

Presenting your gift in a beautiful gift tin box is the perfect way to show a special friend you care. Giving a gift in a decorative tin box is like giving two gifts at once. When giving gifts with a unique gift boxes will separate your gifts from the rest of the many gifts present.

When giving gifts on a wedding, it is going to make the wedding event more festive and delightful. There are so many types of mint tins to choose from such as paper, wood, pvc, silver, gold, and carved wood, silver, and gold gift boxes. The next time you are shopping for a gift, you may think about buying these types of tin boxes, putting the gifts or souvenirs inside the box and give away to your guests.

Besides small mint tins, you can also get larger size of similar boxes which are capable of holding larger favors or whatever else you want to put in it. There are very lovely way to store your jewelry, trinkets, and perfumes. They also can display beautiful decorative in your hutch or glass case to add beauty and elegance to any area of your home.

Therefore, you can buy these types of tins and make them to become wonderful conversation pieces when displayed on coffee tables or makes the mint tin to be a very fancy candy dish. There are variety of tin boxes available in our online shop and all you have to do is just pick those that are match with your taste and choice.

27 thoughts on “Amazing Tin Boxes For Your Special Event”

  1. Hi.. Can u give the quotation for 1000pax for
    1. A001
    2. A002
    3. A003
    4. A004
    5. A005

    duration for ordering & delivery b4 wedding?

  2. Hi. Can i get quotation for 100 & 1000 pax for
    1. A 001
    2. A 002
    3. A 003
    4. A 004
    5. A 005

    And may i know how to order, delivery chargers or how if i cOllect by myself? Would like to hear from u sooon. Thank u

  3. Hi can i get quotation for 100 & 1000 pax for all the above
    A 001-A005. And what’s the delivery charges and how if i collect by myself. Thank u

  4. hello, may i know the quotation for 100 & 1000 pax for
    1. A 001
    2. A 002
    3. A 003
    4. A 004
    5. A 005

    Plus, is it by delivery basis or self-pick up? Would like to hear from u soon. Thank u very much.;D

    1. For 1000pax of love shape metallic box in small size without deco, the price
      is RM1.80 per pax.
      For 1000pax of round shap metallic box in small size without deco, the price
      is RM2.10 per pax.

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