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6 Incredibly Easy DIY Kid Gifting Ideas

It is always a nice feeling to gift little kids something. Because, for one, the joy and appreciation glowing from their faces is genuineness in its purest form- something, even the most hard-hearted would melt at. However, it is often seen on any occasion, a kid is bound to get at least three similar gifts from different people. So how do you stand out, without burning holes in your pockets? Well, when all else fails, there are DIY projects that will almost never let you down. The beauty of DIY gifts is that you make it on your own, which makes the gift all the more special. Here are some really easy DIY projects that will come in handy whenever you have to gift your little loved one something-

1)      Animal hoodie

There is not one little child who isn’t fascinated by animals. That said; an animal hoodie forms the perfect gift for your little animal lover. All you need is a hoodie and some felt. Pick an animal, say a dinosaur, cut out triangles from the felt sheet and stick the pieces along the central line on the back of the hoodie. There, your dinosaur hoodie is ready. Sit back amused as you watch them go “RAWR!!” on everyone.

2)      Sweater pal

petite hoodie

image source

Want to shoot two birds with one arrow? This is the best way to recycle your old sweaters and at the same time gift your toddler the perfect buddy to carry around. Find a bright coloured sweater and cut two ‘bear’ shapes- one for the front and one for the back. Stick two buttons for eyes and one for the nose. Now, sew the two pieces together inside out but leave some space to turn it out right and then fill in the stuffing. Stitch a pom-pom for the snout and draw a mouth on it. A little kid just got a best buddy.

3)      Funky bags

Where should we go for dinner ?

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Whether he needs it for his art supplies or to carry his toys to the park, this adorable bag comes in handy for almost everything. Get an 8×8 inch piece and a 5×8 piece of coloured fleece. Sew a tiny hem along the end of the 5×8 piece and pin it to the larger piece. So, you have something like a pouch now. You can create various sections in it by sticking or stitching rectangular pieces of fleece on the inside. Now get some pieces of felt and cut it out into any funny/monster/animal face and stick it on the outside.

4)      Hobby horse

Your toddler, after a certain point in time, is bound to get bored of that lone sweater pal and it’s only a matter of time before she/he demands for a new pet. To take care of this problem, you can gift him/her a hobby horse and another buddy to the list. It might not be as adorable as a real horse, but hey, it’s a worthy substitute. Take a large-sized sock, stuff it up and then sew on button eyes and fasten it to a stick. Let him happily gallop around the house while you put your “real-pony” worries to rest.

5)      Play tent

Brother and sister in the tent

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Play tents are fun, and an extremely important part of everyone’s childhood. The only sad thing is, taking down the beloved fort at the end of the day. However, that is a thing of the past now. You can build a swanky fort that only needs to be hung from the ceiling. Sew together four fabric triangles, string them to a plastic hula hoop or something similar and add a hook at the apex to make it hang-able. Add funky embellishments and hangings on the inside, as per the needs of your little fort-dwellers.

6)      Multi-purpose Beanbag

Sam @ Urban Toddler

image source

Even adults cannot be blamed for going gaga over a beanbag, let alone little kids. And the only thing better than a beanbag is a beanbag that serves as a beanbag, a chair, a toy and a pillow. Apart from adding oodles of style and comfort to your kid’s room, it also adds that element of fun and uniqueness without burning deep craters in your pockets. Here’s how- Take two pieces of fabric- one bright and colourful for the outside and the other, plain-looking for an insert. Sew to make a slipcover and then repeat to make an identical insert. Fill the insert with stuffing.  This may be tricky to wash, but well, the look of happiness on the child’s face makes up for most of it.

Miguel Kyle is an enthusiast blogger and passionate reader. He loves to share unique gift ideas and recently shared an article on baby gifts ideas in his blog.

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