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Europe Style Acrylic Glass

Europe Style Acrylic Glass as Lovely Wedding Favors


Height 6CM X Width 4.7CM
After decorate with flowers the height will become 9-10cm.

This Europe style glass with the square shape is one of the famous wedding favors which is relished by a lot of people. You can find many different colors and designs that can meet your choice or your wedding theme. If you are interested in getting this glass, you may contact our customer services to get a quote and also further information.

Glass is having a meaning indicate the newlywed couple is going to live together for the rest of their life. Thus, which such special implication, giving away this beautiful glass as a wedding favor on your wedding will indicate that you are going to live a happy life with your love one forever.

Choose The Decoration That You Like

There are several different types of shot glass collectors in the world and here are some of the shot glasses that we offer to valuable customers to choose for presenting in their special events and occasions.

Whether you put every new shot glass straight into its display case, or you christen every new shot glass with a bottle of your favorite liquor, the shot glass can provide you with some good time that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

As a part of the supplier, we always prepare ourselves to provide you with the great shot glasses which you can keep them as your collection by adding a different design every month.

Shot glasses are rather famous in American, and recently it been receive a good demand in the region as well. If you ask any proud collector and they will tell you that adding a new addition to your collection, especially one that is unique in design, will give you great pride to add to your display case.

Generally, we buy the blank shot glasses from a variety of different vendors, we then decorate the shot glass right here with different designs and colours that customer want. Our professional printing staff ensures that each shot glass is decorated with the highest quality.

How are the shot glasses packaged for shipping?

The shot glasses are packaged as securely as possible to avoid any breakage. If you do receive a shot glass that is broken, please contact us and we will provide you with the proper instructions for replacing your broken shot glass.

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  1. did you sell just the glass mean without the ribbon and flower..then how much for each glass?if the package is with the ribbon and flower..then how much for each if i take more than 500++..thanks 🙂

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