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4 Essential Tips To Get Your Marquee Right

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Whether you are planning a wedding, a reception, a corporate event or just another large-scale outdoor party, a marquee is going to be an essential part of your party setup. Nowadays, Marquees are much more that mere tents that are put up to shield your guests from the vagaries of the weather – they are in fact portable venues that are high on aesthetic values, style and glamour. Anyone who hosts an event would like to stun their guests with a perfect ambience. If you have been toying with the idea of hiring a marquee for an upcoming event, here are four essential tips that will make sure that you get it right.

Choose the right sized marquee

Marquees practically come in all shapes and sizes. They can be small enough to cover your lawn or large enough for a full-sized football field. Since smaller marquees are usually joined to create bigger ones, there is no limit to the size one can opt for. Deciding upon the size of the marquee is paramount – you don’t want your guests bumping into each other and neither do you want your venue to look empty and deserted. Once you have a definitive guest list at hand, speak to a marquee hiring company to get an estimate of the size that will be just right for you. You may choose to have a combination of indoor and outdoor seating, which will allow you to choose a smaller marquee if space and budget are a constraint.

Make it weather-proof

Do you live in an area that has an unpredictable climate? Unexpected rainfall can, for example, ruin your party and send your guests scampering for cover. That would be an embarrassing situation, wouldn’t it? Make sure you opt for materials that are waterproof and durable so that you can go on with your event without having to worry about the weather forecast. Depending on the season, you may also want to make adequate arrangements for heating or cooling.

Choose the right furniture

Furniture can make all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of your marquee arrangement. Right from the shapes of the tables to the seating arrangement, there is so much you can play around with depending upon the size of your marquee. If you have the luxury of space, you can even add screens to make private seating corners for your guests.  However, choose compact furniture if you are looking to seat a larger number of people in a smaller space. Pay attention to details and make sure that the banquet furniture you hire is as good as new.

Deck it up

If you have a particular theme or color scheme in mind, explain it well to the marquee hiring company. Elements such as linings, drapes, flooring, carpets and lights can be used to create a wide variety of looks and ambiences. Make sure that your marquee is well lit, and use globe lights, lanterns or chandeliers to add to the aesthetic appeal of the venue. Candle votives also look stunning, as long as they do not pose a fire hazard.

Chris Blake provides services for wedding marquees in Darwin. An experienced campaigner, he has lit up many a parties with his fabulous work. A true music lover, he likes to unwind by listening to his favourite songs in his free time.

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