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Stuck For Ideas When It Comes To Retirement Presents?

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When somebody retires from your company after years of dedicated service, they thoroughly deserve a good send off. People that commit to a company over a long period of time have no doubt seen the business go through peaks and troughs, seen staff come and go… in short they are part of the history of the company. When the time comes for them to retire, it’s really important that you go all out to throw them a party to thank them, and also give them a gift that they can treasure. Here are some ideas for retirement gifts that will always go down well:

A Personalized Crystal Bowl

Everybody loves a present that has been personalized for them – it shows that extra effort and thought has gone into it. Get the person who is leaving a cut crystal bow with their name on it, and perhaps a short message too, and they will covet it for life. Bowls are great because they have so many uses – from salad bowls to fruit bowls or even just as an ornament. Have it ordered in plenty of time so that there is enough time to get the engraving done. Box it up with lots of protecting packaging so that the recipient can transport it home without it suffering any damage along the way.



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When somebody leaves it is normal practice to go around the office and get everybody to put a little money in as their contribution towards a leaving present. Often it can be hard to know what to do with the money, but if you buy a voucher with it then at least you will know that the recipient can choose something that they really want with it. If you’re really stuck you could even ask them what their favorite shop is so that you know the vouchers will be useful for them.

A Short Break

Lang Kawi Hotel lobby.

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The person that is retiring will be looking forward to having a little time to themselves again after so many years in the workforce. Why don’t you treat them to a short break in a hotel so that they can relax and take it easy for a weekend? It is bound to go down well and they will really look forward to celebrating their retirement in style. If you can, leave the booking to them so that they can pick a time and date that is convenient to them. They could even pick the hotel themselves too if you’re not sure what they would like. If you choose the hotel, make sure it has a luxury spa and swimming facilities so that they can really get pampered!

ferraro rocher
ferraro rocher

When somebody retires it is the start of a whole new chapter of their life. Make sure that they feel valued and thanked when they leave your company as they will be able to move on with happy and fond memories. Retirement is a time for people to discover new skills, new hobbies and new friends. Throw them a big party they’ll never forget to send them off in style!

The author of this post, Kevin Matthew, is a manager at Crystal Plus, a company supplying personalized crystal gift products. He takes pride in participating in various charity events and does his best to contribute towards society.

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