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Why Spa Treatments Are Becoming Popular?

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Two decades, maybe even just ten years ago, a lot of men would have snorted at the idea of going on a date where they and their love interest would get spa treatments together. However, in the forward thinking times of 2013 where men care more about their looks than ever before, it is becoming a more and more popular way for all kinds of couples and people who have just started dating to spend some quality time together.

Spas and salons offer a unique opportunity for people to feel relaxed and pampered, and this can be really enjoyable as a shared experience and is no longer considered as a strictly female way to use your leisure time! If you have a date planned and would like to indulge yourselves in some beautifying spa treatments, here are some ideas of things that can work well for couples:

Manicures and Pedicures

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Having your nails and the skin on your hands and feet in good condition is always a good thing, and while your male date probably isn’t going to be up for getting his toenails painted a nice fuchsia color, having a good file of any rough surfaces and buffing the nails up to a clean, smooth shine can actually look really good and be something a man appreciates having done from time to time. If you are feeling adventurous you could even opt for a fish pedicure, where you place your feet in a tank where small fish eat away the dead skin on your heels and toes. This can be a bit tickly, but can give great results and will certainly be something you can reminisce and laugh about later!



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Having all of the muck cleaned out of your pores or having the skin on your face nicely hydrated with a facial is something women tend to do a lot of at home, but men often wouldn’t think of. For this reason it can be a great idea to have a facial treatment done together in a spa – it may make him look rejuvenated and years younger! Most salons and spas that offer treatments for both men and women use different formulations for male skin as it is slightly different, so you may not have the exact same therapy done, but there should be equivalents you can get done together and relax and enjoy.


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Generally more popular with couples who have been together for a while because it does involve undressing, couples massage is a really good option if you simply want something that is going to feel great and help you relax. Most spas now offer this as a service since so many couples enjoy having the massage experience as a date, so look out for places near you. You can go for a full body massage or just problem areas like the neck and shoulders, and this will be done in the same room as your partner by your own separate masseuses. This is also something that is often offered in hotel spas and salons, so can even be a great feature to your honeymoon!

Today’s feature writer, Josie Brady, is a part of the team at Aroma Spa, a spa offering deep tissue massages in Chicago. She is a diligent employee and she enjoys spending time with her children when she gets free. Visit to know more about her team.

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