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wedding couple

What You Should Not Give as a Present on the Wedding Day

We are all quite out of imagination when it comes for the umpteen times to the choice of the presents. It seems we lack of creativity and try to find the ideas in order to make a person satisfied with the gift. However, there are sometimes the cases when it is very important to know, what should be given as a present and what not. There is, of course, a certain list of the undesirable gifts for all the holidays. Still, what is the most important event in the life of every person? Wedding, that’s for sure.

wedding couple

So, let us pay our attention to the presents that are in no case should be given to the newly married. Though I am not superstitious, I tend to follow all those rules.

  • Sharps and all kinds of weapon

Forks, knives, souvenir swords, pistols, daggers, necktie and hat pins, tool sets, shotguns and, what is curious enough, even electric shavers. Such gifts are capable of inviting the disaster and lead to constant quarrels between a husband and a wife.

  • Longstanding paintings and other antiques

I could never believe that old paintings are not given as presents. They are considered to be a perfect gift as they are the works of art. Rare items, having a very strong energy, will have a negative impact on the family life of their new owners, and force them to adopt the stereotypes that belonged to the former owners.

  • Handkerchiefs

Innocuous gift, isn’t it? Not at all. This gift will lead to the constant tears in a young family. Though there is an exception: the bride can embroider the handkerchief with the initials of her future husband, and hand it to her second half, thereby making it clear that she is ready to share with him all the hardships and sorrows.

  • Houseplants in pots

No matter how beautiful is the flower, you are better to refuse such a gift; it is bad for the health of the couple and their ability to bear children.

  • Clocks and watches

Since ancient times, watches represent parting and separation. Family happiness of such a pair would be very short – they will be either divorced soon, or someone from two may be very early widowed.

  • Mirrors

You should pay too much of attention to the mirrors, especially the old ones, and be cautious of them. This is a very bad sign! Old people say that with such a gift a husband and a wife will never find a mutual understanding.

  • Vases

Those who decide to give the vase, I recommend to necessarily fill it with fresh water and put a bouquet of flowers in it, as an empty vessel is considered to be an attribute of childlessness. Flowers and water can be replaced with chocolates, the best symbol of sweet and happy life.

It is difficult to find a good present, as all people are different and have their own prejudices and interpretations of the given presents. In any case, money will always be a present that is sure to be of a benefit to everybody.

About the author: Paul Smith is a talented person, who has knowledge in many aspects of life. He writes qualitative articles, attracting the interest of the reader. Join this site to find him there He also has a personal account, which you are welcome to join Google+.

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