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How to Install a Purse Hanger

With the use of a purse hanger, it can provides you with an simple, easy, and efficient method to store your handbags when they’re not in use. Not simply will these bag hangers help to keep handbags and purses organized, they may also help make sure that they continue to keep their shape, and also always in clean condition. You will find a couple of various kinds of purse hangers, each of them will designed in a distinctive, user-friendly installation way. The best hanger for you personally is the one which you are feeling confident setting up yourself which offers appropriate hooks to accommodate your purse.

Over-the-Door Purse Hook Hanger

An over-the-door purse hook hanger is among the most popular options currently available. Found everywhere from stores specializing in organizing tools to drugstores, these plastic hooks may simply be placed over any door in your home. There is no need to screw anything in or permanently affix anything to your walls. For this reason, they are a favorite choice of renters and those living someone temporarily. It should be noted, however, that those that accommodate a large number of bags could make passing through the door difficult and they are best installed on closest or rarely used doors.

handbag hook

Butterfly Purse Hanger

Another option that requires no installation is the butterfly purse hanger. You can place it over a hanging rod in the same way a clothing hanger would be. These are best used in full sized closets, as they tend to need a few feet of vertical clearance to be fully taken advantage of. Those with extra closet space may find that this type of hanger is a good fit for their needs. If your closets are overflowing, it may be wise to invest in a different type of hanger as storing bags can command a significant amount of closet space. In addition, those who are using closet storage should be careful not to overfill their closets, which can crowd bags and cause them to lose their shape.

Wall mounting hangers are a great way to create space in a room that is already low on storage. Hangers, like the foldable purse hanger, that are designed to hold multiple bags may need to be screwed into walls. Those who own drills will find that this job can be tackled in just a few minutes. The type of purse hanger you choose will dictate which installation method you should try.

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